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New Canon 5D Mark IV battery grip to be called BG-E20


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Canon will launch a brand new battery grip for the upcoming 5D Mark IV DSLR, while a dedicated WiFi transmitter is not in the works, suggesting that the camera will have integrated WiFi connectivity.

A lot of people were still hoping that the previous reports regarding the launch date of the Canon 5D Mark IV were false. However, they were right, as the shooter did not come at the NAB Show 2016, as it will only show up before Photokina 2016: in late August or early September.

In the meantime, more trusted sources are coming forward with tidbits about the DSLR. The latest pieces of information about the device are referring to the battery grip and WiFi among others.

Canon 5D Mark IV battery grip to be different from 5D Mark III’s battery grip

The Japan-based company will make some changes to the next-generation 5D-series camera compared to the previous entry in this line-up, called 5D Mark III. Although the design of the new model is said to be similar to that of its predecessor, it seems like users will have to buy a new battery grip, as the older version will not be compatible.

canon-5d-mark-iv-battery-grip-rumors New Canon 5D Mark IV battery grip to be called BG-E20 Rumors

Canon will release a new battery grip, called BG-E20, for the 5D Mark IV.

The Canon 5D Mark IV battery grip will be called BG-E20. For the time being, sources have not revealed whether the battery is the same or not. We should not rule out any possibilities at this point, because there is a chance that the camera will still use an LP-E6-series battery.

Upcoming DSLR poised to feature built-in WiFi connectivity

Canon is not developing an external WiFi transmitter for the upcoming DSLR. There is no way that the company will not provide wireless connectivity to 5D-series photographers, which means that the camera will come packed with built-in WiFi.

Once again, we, at Camyx, must tell you to take the details with a pinch of salt. The specs might change until the official launch, as Canon could still decide to remove WiFi, whilst creating a WiFi transmitter.

EOS 5D Mark IV coming in Q3 2016 with red autofocus point in AI servo mode

The last bit of information, coming alongside the new Canon 5D Mark IV battery grip and WiFi support details, is focused on the AI servo mode. It is said that the DSLR will allow users to change the illumination of the focus points in this mode, so there will be a red AF point in AI servo.

This is a nice touch and it will be useful to a lot of photographers. Now, all that it remains is for these details to become official. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until late August or early September for the launch, as stated above.

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