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New Canon 5D Mark IV rumor points at low-megapixel sensor


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Canon is allegedly planning to announce three full frame DSLR cameras soon, including a couple of big-megapixel cameras as well as the 5D Mark IV, all which will serve as 5D Mark III replacements.

Every time a new Canon 5D Mark IV rumor shows up on we are advising our readers to take the details with a grain of salt as this saga is far from being over.

Things are also complicated by the gossip talks surrounding the replacement for the EOS 1D X flagship and the big-megapixel shooter. Well, a highly-trusted source is back with some information that will clear the air a little bit.

According to the unnamed source, Canon is on the verge of announce three successors to the EOS 5D Mark III and only one of them will be called EOS 5D Mark IV.

canon-5d-mark-iii-replacement-rumor New Canon 5D Mark IV rumor points at low-megapixel sensor Rumors

The Canon 5D Mark III is rumored to be replaced by three DSLRs, one of them being the 5D Mark IV, which will feature a low-megapixel count.

Latest Canon 5D Mark IV rumor suggests that the DSLR will have a low-megapixel sensor

First things first: the 5D Mark IV is real and it will come packed with a full frame image sensor capturing photos at around the same megapixel amount as its predecessor.

This means that it will serve as a direct competitor to the Nikon D750, meaning that it will be great for events, wildlife, and action photography. It will have a high quality build and will be very quick in order to meet the demands of the aforementioned photography types.

For now, no other specs have been leaked, but more information should be unearthed soon. Meanwhile, the 5D Mark III continues to be available at Amazon for about $2,800 following a $300 rebate.

Two more Canon 5Ds cameras with big megapixel sensors will serve as 5D Mark III replacements

On the other hand, the 5D Mark III will not be replaced by a single camera. In fact, it will be substituted by three models. As the name of the first has already been determined, it appears that the other two models will both be referred to as Canon 5Ds.

These two cameras will both be big-megapixel models, as their image sensors will have a resolution of about 53-megapixel, instead of 46-megapixel, as previously reported.

The difference between these two models will lie in the anti-aliasing filter – one of them will have it, while the other one will not. This is a situation reminiscent of the Nikon D800 series, as the D800 had an AA filter, while the D800E had not.

As a result, Canon would fix the naming issues, too, as the EOS 3D would not have been feasible for consumers, who could have believed that the DSLR would be capable of capturing 3D photos and videos.

This information makes a lot of sense. However, as usual, do not jump to conclusions for now and stay tuned to Camyx for more!

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