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New Canon 6D Mark II details leaked on the web


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A few new Canon 6D Mark II details have been leaked, hinting that the DSLR will be released sometime in 2016 after the 5D Mark IV becomes available on the market.

Canon is rumored to introduce the 5D Mark IV in the later stages of this summer. This is why the camera is expected to start shipping by the end of 2015. However, a source seems to claim otherwise. According to the latest intel, the 5D Mark III will become available sometime during the first quarter of next year.

The source has made this claim in response to the Canon 6D Mark II announcement date, which is said to occur sometime after the 5D Mark IV release date. This means that the 6D replacement could be present at Photokina 2016.

canon-6d-design New Canon 6D Mark II details leaked on the web Rumors

Canon 6D will be replaced by the 6D Mark II sometime in 2016.

Latest Canon 6D Mark II details reveal that the DSLR is coming in late 2016

The EOS maker may choose to follow the same release timeline for its next-generation full frame DSLRs as it did for the current generation. This statement in accordance to the latest Canon 6D Mark II details, which say that the shooter will be unveiled after 5D Mark IV’s launch.

Such statement would have cause big joy for Canon fans, as the 5D Mark III successor has been said to become official in August 2015. Nevertheless, things change quickly in the rumor mill and now the 5DMk4 is said to be released in late Q1 2016.

The 5DMk3 was released in March 2012. The 6D came after it, during the Photokina 2012 event which took place in September 2012. It was released in November 2012. If the 5D Mark IV comes in March next year and the 6D Mark II comes at Photokina 2016, then Canon will remain true to its former product launch calendar.

This also means that the 1D X replacement, which has been mentioned multiple times in gossip talks, will become official during fall 2015 and will begin shipping in early 2016. The 1D X was announced in October 2011 and it was released in March 2012.

Canon 6D Mark II specs to include new sensor and tinier body

The list of Canon 6D Mark II details revealed by the new source includes some details about its specs. The body will feature a similar design, but it will be a tad smaller and a bit lighter. The weight will also be reduced courtesy of a lighter battery.

Unlike previously reported, there will be no electronic viewfinder, nor an articulated display in the 6DMk2. The viewfinder will be optical and the screen will be fixed.

The Japan-based company will put a new full-frame sensor into the 6D Mark II, which will offer more megapixels than the 6D, albeit not going higher than 24 megapixels.

As with any rumor, take this one with a grain of salt and stay close to Camyx!

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