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New Canon 7D Mark II rumor reveals May launch date


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Canon is rumored to announce a new DSLR and two PowerShot cameras this May, while other products will become official in August and September.

One of the most expected and rumored cameras is the Canon 7D replacement. An advanced EOS DSLR with an APS-C sensor is long overdue and it is about time for the company to introduce another one.

The EOS 7D has been unveiled in September 2009 as a camera with a lot of revolutionary features. Canon should maintain the same idea, meaning that the upcoming shooter will sport a bunch of new and exciting functions.

The release and announcement dates of the Canon 7D Mark II have been rumored oftentimes, but it appears that all of the dates have been wrong. Thankfully, the wait is almost over as highly-trusted sources have revealed that the device will become official in May.

Latest Canon Mark II rumor hints at May 2014 announcement date

canon-7d-rear New Canon 7D Mark II rumor reveals May launch date Rumors

Canon 7D is very close to being replaced. The 7D Mark II is rumored to take its place sometime in May.

Around mid-March, people familiar with the matter have reported that Canon is aiming to launch the 7D successor during the second quarter of 2014.

The sources are back with more information which includes a more exact timeframe. Now it is no longer about Q2 2014, as the EOS 7D Mark II is poised for a May announcement.

The DSLR will definitely sport an APS-C sensor with over 20 megapixels (21 or 25) and with an evolution of the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology among others.

A hybrid viewfinder (optical + electronic) has been mentioned in the past, but we should not take it for granted for the time being.

Two new PowerShot cameras and a pair of lenses also coming during the event

In addition to the replacement for the 7D, Canon is also bringing a couple of new lenses to the party. One will be aimed at the EF-mount full frame cameras, while the other one will be designed for the EF-S-mount APS-C shooters.

The DSLR will also be joined by a pair of PowerShot cameras. The SX60 HS with a 100x optical zoom lens and the G17 are both planned to be unveiled in May.

The SX60 HS is replacing the SX50 HS, while the G17 is substituting the G16. Both cameras will pack greatly-improved specs lists.

What lies ahead for Canon fans

Canon will hold a product launch event in August, although no cameras and lenses have been mentioned by the rumor mill.

The Japanese manufacturer is also actively preparing for the Photokina 2014. Again, no product names have been given, but we have heard some gossip talks about a big megapixel camera and a medium format one in the past.

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