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New Canon 7D Mark II rumors “confirm” 2014 launch date


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The Canon 7D Mark II rumors have returned with contradictory information compared to recent details, saying that the camera will not be released by the end of the year.

Earlier this year it was revealed that the single DSLR to be released by the end of the year will be the Canon 70D. The EOS camera was not official at that time, but it is now. The same source is back after double-checking some piece of information with trusted people who have been right in the past.

canon-70d-single-dslr New Canon 7D Mark II rumors "confirm" 2014 launch date Rumors

Canon 70D single DSLR for the remainder of 2013? This has been said before and trusted sources have confirmed that this fact will prove to be true, as the EOS 7D Mark II is actually coming in 2014.

Canon 70D may just be the last EOS DSLR released by the end of the year

As a result, it appears that the Canon 7D Mark II announcement date will not occur shortly after the EOS 70D’s launch this September. In fact, the DSLR is still being prepared for an early 2014 release date and not even the alleged Nikon D400 might not be able to change this fact.

Since the 7D is ruling over the D300S in terms of sales and the Nikon D400 keeps getting delayed, there are no reasons for the EOS maker to speed things up with the 7D Mark II.

Two Canon 7D Mark II versions are being tested as we speak

Furthermore, the Japanese company is still testing two versions of the device. One of them features a 20.2-megapixel sensor and the other one is clocked at 24.1-megapixel. However, the latter is the favorite, as the race for megapixels seems to be on.

Canon wants to step up further the number of megapixels found in the next-generation Rebel and EOS M cameras, so a 24.1MP model would make much more sense.

There are no details to debate the accuracy of the new autofocus technology speculation. The latest Canon 7D Mark II rumors have said that the company will add a new and very fast AF system, but not for the Live View, like the EOS 70D one.

This might turn out to be true, though a big “gossip talk” sign is still attached to it.

Latest Canon 7D Mark II rumors include 1D X replacement information

On the other hand, it appears that 2014 will come packed with two cameras for professional photographers, suggesting that the Canon 1D X replacement is definitely coming, as recently reported.

The other pro shooter might be the sought-after big megapixel camera that should provide a more serious threat to the Nikon D800 / D800E series, which, coincidence or not, will be based on the 1D X’ design.

Canon 7D is currently available for purchase at Amazon for only $1,299, while its rival, the Nikon D300S, can be bought for $1,379. The new EOS 70D can be pre-ordered for $1,199 at Amazon and B&H.

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