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New Canon 7D Mark II talks rebuff Foveon-like sensor rumors


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Canon is once again rumored to put a brand new image sensor technology in the 7D Mark II, the DSLR camera replacing the 7D sometime this summer.

In recent times the Canon 7D Mark II rumors have intensified as its predecessor is allegedly next in line to be discontinued by the Japanese company.

The EOS 7D was released during the fall of 2009 and it has needed about five years to reach the end of its life. Now that the high-end EOS APS-C camera is preparing to be replaced, industry watchers have turned their attention to the 7D Mark II.

The latest piece of information confirms a previous report. It appears that the new DSLR will “definitely” sport a brand new sensor technology unlike anything we have ever seen on the market. However, it seems like it will not be a Foveon-like sensor, like previously rumored.

canon-7d-mark-ii-new-sensor New Canon 7D Mark II talks rebuff Foveon-like sensor rumors Rumors

Canon 7D Mark II is rumored to feature a new sensor technology, although it will not be a Foveon-like system, as previously rumored.

New Canon 7D Mark II rumors hint at new image sensor technology

As stated above, Canon has been rumored to put a Foveon-like image sensor into the EOS 7D Mark II. Such technology has been patented by Canon in the past and it works pretty much the same way Sigma’s system is working right now.

The Sigma DP Quattro is the latest series of cameras to use Foveon technology. It consists of an image sensor with three sheets of pixels, one for each of the RGB color spectrum. This way, images will be sharper and moire will not be a problem.

Still, sources who have been right in the past have denied the rumors, stating that Canon’s flagship APS-C DSLR will not sport such technology. Nevertheless, the image sensor will be brand new and will be “evolutionary”, just like the company has already promised.

Canon 7D replacement to come packed with numerous improvements

The source has not confirmed whether or not other specs and details are false. This is why we can still believe that the sensor will have a high megapixel count, better autofocus, improved performance in low-light conditions, a flat top plate without a mode dial, and a larger bump around the optical viewfinder, which provides a 100% coverage.

Canon will introduce the EOS 7D Mark II in August, although dealers will be able to see it sometime by the end of July. Meanwhile, the original 7D is available at Amazon for a price around $1,300.

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