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Future Canon DSLR rumored to employ Sony multi-layer sensor


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A source is reporting that Canon could employ a multi-layered image sensor made by Sony into one of its upcoming DSLR cameras.

Sony is considered the largest supplier of image sensors for cameras aimed at consumers. Nikon is known to have used the company’s sensors in some of its units, such as the D7000 and D800, while Canon has recently employed a 1-inch-type sensor into the PowerShot G7 X compact camera.

A source who has been right in the past is reporting that the partnership between Sony and Canon could continue, as the former will allegedly supply a multi-layer image sensor for one of the latter’s upcoming DSLRs.

sony-image-sensors Future Canon DSLR rumored to employ Sony multi-layer sensor Rumors

Sony is one of the biggest image sensor makers in the world. The company is rumored to make a multi-layered sensor which could be used in a future Canon DSLR camera.

Upcoming professional Canon DSLR could use a Sony multi-layer sensor

This is not the first time Sony has been rumored to supply a special sensor for a Canon DSLR. However, it is the first time that the PlayStation maker is said to send a Foveon-like sensor in the EOS maker’s direction.

It would come out as a very weird decision if Canon does use a Sony-made multi-layered sensor. One of the reasons for that is because the company has patented multiple Sigma Foveon-like sensors. This means that it is capable of manufacturing such image sensors, so it does not have to “borrow” the technology from third-parties.

It is too early to draw any conclusions, however, the information is said to be coming from a trusted source, therefore do not write it off for the time being.

Different sources reporting different things

Meanwhile, other sources are reporting exactly the opposite thing: Canon will keep on using its own sensors into its DSLRs, if they have just one layer of pixels or multiple pixel sheets.

As for the release date of the device, gossipers have leaked similar information, suggesting that the manufacturer will launch a couple of professional cameras in 2015. This still stands, meaning that we should expect to see new EOS gear early next year.

It is worth reminding that everything is based on rumor talk therefore you will have to take it with a pinch of salt.

Canon says that it is aiming to use the best sensors on the market, regardless of their maker

Canon’s take on “using sensors from third-parties” has been explained in a recent interview with DPReview.

Masaya Maeda, Managing Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations, has said that the company’s policy is to employ the best sensors on the market, regardless of their maker.

This is a suggestion that it could put sensors from its competitors, such as Sony, in its cameras, such as a DSLR, if the sensors are better than the company’s own technology. As stated above, make sure you do not rule out any possibilities for now because the impossible could become possible.

Stay tuned to Camyx in order to see how this story unfolds!

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