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New Canon EOS M to be introduced in August or September


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The new Canon EOS M might be closer than you think, as sources are reporting that the manufacturer is currently testing two versions of the next-generation mirrorless camera.

Speculation about a new Canon EOS M is nothing new, but everything seems to point at the fact that a replacement is coming soon.

new-canon-eos-m New Canon EOS M to be introduced in August or September Rumors

The Canon EOS M replacement is once again the main subject of the rumor mill. It appears that two versions are being tested, one of them with SL1 / 100D specs, and the real deal is coming this August or September.

Original Canon EOS M goes on sale for $299

The original version is now one-year old and its price has just suffered a major drop at one of the biggest photo-video retailers in the US. B&H is now selling the shooter with an EF-M 22mm f/2 STM lens for a price of just $299, a 50% decrease from the original price.

The bundle with an EF-M 18-55mm f/2.5-5.6 IS STM lens is also cheaper, as it can be bought for merely $349, down from $649.

Such price reduction is usually a sign that a replacement is looming over a product. However, it is worth mentioning that B&H claims that this is a limited time offer, so maybe it is the retailer’s way of selling its customers a camera which would be perfect for their summer vacation.

New Canon EOS M is currently under heavy testing and it may feature SL1’s sensor

The thing is that inside sources are leaking information which says that a new Canon EOS M is already in the works and that it is coming soon. According to people familiar with the matter, two versions of the mirrorless camera’s replacement are being tested and one of them will show up “very soon”.

The first version is packing lower specs, similar to the ones found in the Canon SL1 /100D, the world’s lightest and smaller DSLR camera. The second prototype consists of a higher-end device with advanced specifications.

Canon EOS M successor launch event may take place in August or September 2013

Unfortunately, this is just another Canon EOS M rumor and there is no real proof to go with it. As usual, it may not become true, so do not bet all your money on a successor for the time being.

Either way, the announcement might take place sometime in August or September this year, source says, meaning that there is not very much time left until the truth comes out.

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