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Two new Canon EOS M3 images show up online before launch


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A couple of more Canon EOS M3 images have been leaked, revealing the upcoming mirrorless camera in a black color and the fact that it will feature a tilting display on the back.

Canon is preparing to make an important comeback to the mirrorless industry with the introduction of the EOS M3 on February 6.

Some of the device’s specifications have been leaked in recent times, while a front photo of the shooter has also appeared. Now, it is time for two more Canon EOS M3 images to be leaked in order to unearth some more details about the upcoming mirrorless camera.

canon-eos-m3-back-leaked Two new Canon EOS M3 images show up online before launch Rumors

Canon EOS M3 will feature a tilting display on the back unlike its predecessors.

Two extra Canon EOS M3 images leaked on the web

The first photo of the EOS M3 showed the camera in a white color. The newly-leaked shots, however, are revealing the shooter in a black color along with the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM lens.

The photos are real and they are confirming that Canon has added a couple of dials to the top of the shooter, which should be appealing to professional photographers.

Additionally, the camera’s grip is larger, so this mirrorless camera should be more comfortable to use. Overall, the company is proving that it means business in this segment.

One of the newer shots are showing the camera’s back. We can see the menu dial and the regular menu buttons. However, we can also see that Canon has added a tilting display to the back of the device. For the time being, it is unknown whether the display is a touchscreen or not, but we will find out on February 6.

canon-eos-m3-front-leaked Two new Canon EOS M3 images show up online before launch Rumors

Canon EOS M3 will be unveiled on February 6 and it seems like it will become available in multiple colors.

The optional electronic viewfinder is the same used by the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II camera

The previously-leaked Canon EOS M3 specs are hinting at a 24.2-megapixel sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF III system.

Auto shooting modes have been added to the mirrorless camera and its maximum ISO sensitivity will stand at 12,800.

In continuous shooting mode, the EOS M2 replacement will capture up to 7fps. It appears that the shooter will employ NFC technology, while WiFi availability remains in doubt.

As for the optional electronic viewfinder, it is not a new model. Sources have revealed that the EOS M3 will be compatible with the EVF-DC1 viewfinder, which has been launched alongside the PowerShot G1X Mark II and which is available at Amazon for about $240.

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