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New Canon PowerShot cameras coming at August 21 event


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Canon will hold a special invitation-only event in New York on August 21, when the company is expected to launch several new PowerShot cameras.

Canon has begun sending invites to an event on August 21. A lot of people will join the company in New York at the company’s new Melville-based headquarters to witness the launch of new products.

The rumor mill is already “targeting” Canon, as plenty of cameras and lenses are rumored to the announced by the end of the year. The list includes the 75-megapixel camera, 7D Mark II, EOS M replacement, and new tilt-shift lenses.

canon-powershot-s200 New Canon PowerShot cameras coming at August 21 event Rumors

Canon PowerShot S200 has been leaked earlier this year. However, the camera has not been announced yet and since the 7D Mark II and 75-megapixel shooter have been written off the August 21 event, the S200 may finally make an official appearance.

New Canon PowerShot cameras to be announced at August 21 event

Unfortunately, neither of these products will see the daylight on August 21. According to insiders, there will no big announcements on that date, not even a G1X replacement, the sought-after Canon G2X.

It appears that the late August event is aimed at introducing new Canon PowerShot cameras. The G2X is not ready to come out yet, but its lower-end siblings are definitely being revealed.

Several months ago, sources have revealed that a new PowerShot device will be announced in late summer. The timeline fits, so it remains to be seen whether the upcoming shooter comes packed with an 18-megapixel APS-C, like previously rumored, or not.

No big-name cameras coming by the end of this summer

This might be considered a huge letdown by the company’s fans, who were expecting a big-name launch. The EOS 7D Mark II should have been released by now, but days are passing by and this shooter will most likely be introduced in early 2014, along with a big megapixel version.

Canon EOS M is also one year old, but its successor is not coming out yet, though it has been rumored multiple times.

The company is also working on a new EOS-1-style apparatus. However, this camera will suffer the same fate as the others, meaning that it will be unveiled and pushed on the market in 2014.

Long-expected Canon lenses are a no-show, too

If you hoped for new lenses, then you should prepare to be disappointed once more. The next-generation TS-E 45mm and 90mm optics are scheduled to become available in early 2014.

Canon is also developing the EF 35mm f/1.4L II, 16-50mm f/4L IS, and 14-24mm f/2.8L lenses. All of these and many others are scheduled for different events, so the August 21 show might be a tad boring, therefore do not hold your breath over it.

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