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New Coolpix camera coming at Thai event, instead of Nikon D7100


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Nikon may not reveal a D7000 replacement at the event in Thailand this week, instead choosing to focus on its Coolpix series.

Towards the last week’s end, Nikon has begun sending invitations to an event in Thailand. Shortly after that, the Japanese company scheduled events in several countries. This fact has triggered a series of reactions and it seems like most sources agree that the company will finally reveal the D7100, a replacement for its “old” D7000 DSLR camera.

nikon-coolpix-p310-replacement New Coolpix camera coming at Thai event, instead of Nikon D7100 Rumors

Nikon will replace the Coolpix P310 at the event in Thailand on February 21st, says source.

Don’t hold your breath over a replacement for the D7000

However, the latest information from the sources, point to the fact that we may not see the Nikon D7100 this week. According to inside sources, the company will announce a replacement for the Coolpix P310. The new camera will have the ability to take RAW photos and to support the WU-1a wireless mobile adapter.

It is rumored that the Nikon Coolpix P310 replacement will also feature a larger sensor than its predecessor. The most likely candidate is the same image sensor found in the higher-end Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras.

Thai event: not about Coolpix P310 replacement, it is indeed about the new Nikon D7100 DSLR

However, there is not enough evidence to back that claim, so the Nikon D7100 may become a reality on February 21 after all.

Moreover, another source claims that a new DSLR camera will be launched soon. An employee of a “major retail store” said that new stock-keeping units (SKUs) were added into the system. The new SKUs are said to refer to a new DSLR from Nikon. However, the source did not provide further information or, at least, a screenshot of the inventory system.

All the details will be revealed on February 21 at the event in Thailand or in the separate events scheduled in other countries. The rumor mill says that something big is coming this week therefore we are going to have to wait three more days to find out the full story.

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