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Flickr introduces new licensing program for its members


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Flickr has announced a new licensing program for its members, in an attempt to allow talented photographers to have their works featured on high-profile websites as well as to bring them more revenue.

There is a huge discussion regarding the content available on stock photo websites. Additionally, there are so many things which need to be clarified about photo licensing websites, such as 500px and Getty Images.

Nevertheless, one certainty exists: there are plenty of amazing photos on the web and the photographers need to find proper ways to gain money from their works. Flickr is taking another step towards providing more exposure and revenue for its members, so it has revealed a new commercial licensing experience.

flickr-licensing-program Flickr introduces new licensing program for its members News and Reviews

Flickr has announced a new way of allowing its members to “get discovered by a wider audience”. Photographers uploading their works on Flickr could have their photos featured on websites, such as The New York Times, and licensed to agencies, such as Getty Images.

New Flickr licensing program previewed, to be fully disclosed soon

Flickr agrees that it may be hard for photographers to show their works to the entire world, so it will make it easier for them by showcasing their photos on high-profile websites. The site, which is owned by Yahoo, has revealed that curators will look for amazing photos on its website.

According to Flickr, great photos and projects will show up on the websites of its partners, which will include Reuters, BBC, The New York Times, tumblr, Gizmodo, Monocle, and Getty Images.

By the looks of it, the artists who upload their works on Flickr will have a chance to have their photos featured on these popular websites. Moreover, their images could also end up on the Flickr blog as well as on Yahoo websites, such as Travel and News.

This may sound similar because some websites are already doing it. Instagram, for example, is featuring artists on its blog almost on a daily basis, as a source of inspiration for the social networking website’s users.

But wait, there’s more!

The company says that there is more to it than being featured on Reuters or the The New York Times. This is a complete licensing experience, meaning that you will have the chance to get paid for it.

The details are kind of scarce, meaning that the website has not entirely revealed how things will work. The certainty is that Flickr will launch a “Marketplace” section on its website, hinting that people will be able to license your photos for the right price.

On the Marketplace section it is specified that your work could be licensed to “photo editors, designers, and agencies including Getty Images”.

It is worth noting that Flickr has been providing means for photographers to license their works for a while now. However, things are expected to become more straightforward in the near future, so the website’s members will be able to earn money easier.

You can sign up for Flickr’s licensing program

For the time being, an exact release date for the Flickr Marketplace and the “Curated Connections” licensing program is unknown.

Thankfully, you can sign up on the Marketplace section at this link, in order to be “considered for the program” as well as to receive any updates regarding the new licensing program.

If Flickr likes your work, then you will be notified and the details of the licensing will be discussed via email.

This may be Flickr’s plan to take on 500px, so it will be very interesting to see how things will unfold. Stay tuned!

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