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New for 2008 – The QUICKIE COLLECTION Action Set


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Get it at introductory pricing through January 31st, 2008.Below is an example of some of the MANY actions available in this set. Go to my site for details and to see more examples.

239434187-XL New for 2008 - The QUICKIE COLLECTION Action Set Announcements Photoshop Actions

I hope you have as much fun playing with this set as I did making it! There are so many possibilities and it should really speed up your editing.

I have a great tutorial included on how to assign actions to function (F) keys. This works on all actions, not just the quickies.

One question I know I will get asked is how does this differ from the workflow set. This set has a bunch of NEW conversions from urban, new texturized black and whites, new toned black and whites, and additional vinatge conversions. The biggest difference is the way the set is designed and what that means for you.

You can build your own fully flexible editing workflow based on individual actions. The Complete Workflow made decisions for you. This set will give you even more flexibility and a variety of new looks.

Many of these actions can be batched if you know about batch processing. I do offer actions tutoring (one on one) and can help you build your own workflow from this set and teach you how to batch process your sessions.

I use both the Complete Workflow and the Quickies Collection on a daily basis. They complement each other and increase my productivity and results.

Thank you for looking,
MCP Actions


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