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New Fujifilm cameras and lenses coming on June 25


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Fujifilm is rumored to hold an announcement on June 25, when the company will announce a couple of cameras, a pair of lenses, and two firmware updates.

The end of June will stir the calm waters of the digital camera industry. Sony is not the only company which will hold a product launch event, as Fujifilm is going to join the party two days earlier than the PlayStation maker.

two-fujifilm-cameras-rumor New Fujifilm cameras and lenses coming on June 25 Rumors

Fujifilm is about to announce an entry-level X-Trans camera and another shooter without such an image sensor. The launch event will take place on June 25 and will include a pair of lenses, too, rumors say.

X-Trans and X-Trans-less Fujifilm cameras rumored to be announced on June 25

The sought-after entry-level Fujifilm X-Trans camera will be officially announced on June 25, sources say. Additionally, the entry-level Fuji shooter without an X-Trans image sensor is also coming on the same date, looking to take less money out of photographers’ pockets.

Fujifilm’s two new mirrorless cameras will become available for sale in late summer or early fall. The device without an X-Trans CMOS image sensor will be released in multiple color choices, while the one with X-Trans sensor will most likely be pushed on the market in a black color with a silver frame.

Fujifilm 27mm f/2.8 and another zoom lens waiting to be unveiled, too

The pair will be joined by a couple of lenses. One will be a new zoom lens with a focal range between 16 and 50 or 55 millimeters, while the other one is a 27mm f/2.8 prime optic. Fuji’s APS-C sensors have the same 1.5x crop factor as Nikon and others, so their 35mm equivalents will be similar to the DX format ones.

Fuji’s latest lenses will show up on store shelves around the same time as the new cameras, but their prices are unknown for the time being, as expected.

New Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-E1 firmware updates coming on the same date

Beside these rumors, Fujifilm has made an official announcement, courtesy of its Philippines subsidiary. The X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras will receive new firmware updates on June 25. The former will be upgradeable to version 2.05, while the latter to version 1.06.

The two Fujifilm cameras have recently been updated to firmware update 2.04 and 1.05 respectively. Although the contents of the upcoming upgrades are unknown, they should bring new features, as well as support for the new lenses.

June 25 is not very far away, but Fuji fans should not hold their breath, yet, as these rumors may never become true.

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