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New Fujifilm flash guns expected to drop in the near future


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Fujifilm is rumored to announce a new flash sometime in the near future in order to add a little more versatility to the thin list of flash units available for X-series cameras.

The rise of the mirrorless cameras has put such devices in the hands of professional photographers. The Fujifilm X-mount cameras are among the best-selling cameras in their segment, which are also benefiting from a solid lens line-up.

Nevertheless, lots of professionals are unwilling to make the switch because Fuji X-mount cameras have a major shortcoming: flash availability. This flaw also extends to the X-series compact camera, such as the X100T.

Once you go pro, you need to play with lighting and the Japan-based company has not put a lot of effort in these accessories. Multiple sources are reporting that this thing is about to change, as new Fujifilm flash guns could become official soon.

fujifilm-ef-42 New Fujifilm flash guns expected to drop in the near future Rumors

The Fujifilm EF-42 flash could be joined by two siblings in the near future, one of them supporting high-speed sync.

Two new Fujifilm flash guns are in the works and one of them is coming very soon

Fujifilm’s flash offer is not only scarce, but it also provides limited functionality. As stated above, everything is about to change within months. Although more units are expected to become official in the near future, it appears that one model will become available by the end of 2014 or in very early 2015.

The upcoming flash will support remote communication with an X-series camera as well as high-speed sync. The flash sync speed stands at 1/180-sec, which is too slow for professionals. As sources claim that high-speed sync will be a feature, we can expect it to stand at about 1/250-sec.

The sad part is that everything is based on a rumor, so we should not jump into conclusions, yet.

Fuji’s second new flash will be introduced immediately after the first model

A second model will be launched shortly after the first unit. Unfortunately, the exact timeframe is unknown for now. Another uncertainty consists of whether these solutions will replace existing models or they will be a part of a brand new series.

Currently, the list of Fujifilm flash guns includes three models, that is the EF-20, EF-X20, and EF-42. The most exciting of them all is the latter, but it is worth mentioning that all models are compatible with the latest X-series cameras, such as the X-T1, X30, and X100T.

If you are unwilling to wait for Fuji to launch new flashes, then you can buy the EF-42 at Amazon for a price around $170 right now. In the meantime, stick with us for more details!

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