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New Fujifilm X-E2 specs leaked on the web


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More Fujifilm X-E2 specs have been leaked on the web ahead of the mirrorless camera’s announcement which occurs later this month.

Fujifilm has had an action-packed year with multiple camera and lens being launched throughout 2013.

Despite all that, the company has not finished this year’s plans therefore new cameras and lenses are rumored to be still on their way.

According to the rumor mill, the X-E1 replacement, XQ1 compact, and the 10-24mm lens are said to become official by the end of this year.

x-e2-specs New Fujifilm X-E2 specs leaked on the web Rumors

More Fujifilm X-E2 specs have appeared on the web, claiming that the camera will sport the same face detection system as the one found in the X-M1.

Fujifilm X-E2 to feature better WiFi than the X-M1, but same face detection system as the entry-level camera

Before their official introduction, the rumor mill has managed to get its hands on even more Fujifilm X-E2 specs.

It is believed that the X-E1 successor will come with built-in WiFi. Additionally, the technology will be more advanced and will offer more features than the one found in the X-M1.

There is one similarity with the X-M1 though, as the upcoming shooter will support face detection, too.

Meanwhile, Amazon continues to sell the X-E1 for the usual price of $799.

Fujifilm X-E2 specs to non-tilting and non-touch LCD screen

Sources are confirming that the Fujifilm X-E2 will indeed feature an X-Trans CMOS II image sensor without an anti-aliasing filter. It will be the same version as the one found in the popular X100S compact.

The mirrorless camera will sport an improved EXR II image processor, while the LCD will undergo some changes for the better, too.

Unfortunately, it will not be a touch-based display, nor a tilting one, as previously rumored. The X-E2 allegedly sports a fixed non-touch screen, which could prove to be a major bummer for a lot of photographers.

Next-gen mirrorless camera to become official with relocated Q button on October 18

Other “known” things regarding the Fujfilm X-E2 consist of an improved video recording mode that will provide entire manual control for the users.

Furthermore, the position of the “Q” button has been changed. It appears that it has been moved to a reportedly better location to suit the users, though it is unknown exactly where that is.

This information is expected to become official for the masses on October 18. The launch event will take place before PhotoPlus Expo 2013 and it might also include the already-confirmed 10-24mm X-mount lens.

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