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New Fujifilm X-Pro2 details revealed by Fuji reps at CP+ 2015


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A couple of Fujifilm representatives have revealed some new Fujifilm X-Pro2 details, hinting that the mirrorless camera will be more compact than its predecessor and that it will feature a hybrid viewfinder.

Spanish publication DSLR Magazine conducted an interview with Shugo Kiryu and Shusuke Kozaki at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015. Both of them work for Fujifilm and the Spanish magazine wanted to find out more information about the company’s future plans and about how things are going at the moment.

It appears that the company is developing a follow-up to the X-Pro1, just like the rumor mill has said, and that the camera will come packed with a hybrid viewfinder because the customers are demanding it.

fujifilm-x-pro1-replacement-details New Fujifilm X-Pro2 details revealed by Fuji reps at CP+ 2015 News and Reviews

The Fujifilm X-Pro1 replacement will be smaller than its predecessor, but it will come packed with a hybrid viewfinder.

Fuji X-Pro2: more compact, similar hybrid viewfinder, and an evolution of the X-Pro1

The new Fujifilm X-Pro2 details confirmed by the reps at CP+ 2015 are referring to the mirrorless camera’s size, sensor, and viewfinder.

It appears that the upcoming model will be smaller than its forerunner. Although the X-Pro series is aimed at professionals, the X-Pro2 will be tinier than the X-Pro1. The company believes that this is the point of mirrorless cameras: to be compact.

The rumor mill says that the X-Pro2 will employ a new X-Trans CMOS sensor with 24 megapixels. The company says that the shooter will feature an “evolution” of the X-Trans CMOS sensor found in current cameras, which offers 16 megapixels. This does not mean that what sources are saying is not true, but it does say that the new sensor will not revolutionize the market, so we can rule out the possibility of it being an organic sensor.

Finally, the X-Pro1 successor will feature a hybrid viewfinder that combines both electronic and optical elements. It has been rumored that the company is planning to ditch the HVF in favor of fully-electronic viewfinders. However, Shugo Kiryu and Shusuke Kozaki say that customers want a hybrid viewfinder and that the X-Pro2 will come packed with one.

Unfortunately, there are no details regarding the Fuji X-Pro2 release date. Sources are expecting the camera to show up by the end of 2015, so you will have to stay tuned to find out if this becomes true or not!

Fujifilm X-M series might have been put on hold

Shugo Kiryu and Shusuke Kozaki have revealed other information as well. The duo claims that the XF 56mm f/1.2 R APD lens is not selling as well as the company has hoped. Regardless, this is a niche product, so poor sales have not been a total surprise.

The X-M line-up seems to be on hold. The reps have only talked about the X-Pro, X-T, X-E, and X-A series. While the X-Pro is the flagship model for professionals and the X-T is aimed at users who take photos in harsh environments, the X-E and X-A cameras will remain on the market for the rest of photographers.

There have been rumors about the possibility of Fuji killing off one of its entry-level series. The X-M1 was in pole position as sales have dropped after the X-A1 introduction. Moreover, the X-A2 has been launched as an X-A1 replacement, while the X-M2 has been mentioned occasionally within the rumor mill without any proof.

After the DSLR Magazine interview with the company’s reps, it is becoming clearer that the X-M2 will never come to fruition and that the X-M1 could be the first and last model of the line-up.

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