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New Fujifilm X200 specs list mentioned within the rumor mill


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A source is reporting that Fujifilm will launch the X200 during the second half of 2016, while revealing some of compact camera’s specifications.

Fujifilm X200 is a name which has been mentioned within the rumor mill for years, back when people believed that it would replace the X100S. However, the X100T has been revealed as the X100S successor at the Photokina 2014 event.

After its introduction, people had already begun talking about its replacement, dubbed as the X200. Several rumors have circulated on the web in 2015 and now the premium compact camera is mentioned through the grapevine.

The latest details about it are concerning its specs and the fact that the camera will show up on the market sometime during the second half of 2016.

More Fujifilm X200 specs and launch details show up on the web

Fuji has recently announced the X-Pro2 and X-E2S mirrorless cameras, while unveiling the X70 compact shooter. As a result, the company can focus on its next big product and the X100T heir falls into this category.

fujifilm-x100t New Fujifilm X200 specs list mentioned within the rumor mill Rumors

Fujifilm will replace the X100T compact camera with the X200 sometime in the second part of 2016.

The latest Fujifilm X200 specs list is stating that the shooter will employ a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, also found in the X-Pro2. This means that the faster and more accurate autofocus system will also find its way into the upcoming device.

The Japan-based manufacturer will not ditch the hybrid viewfinder technology. As a result, users will still find it in the X200, albeit an improved version with a quicker refresh rate for the electronic viewfinder.

An important tidbit is referring to the lens. A trusted source once claimed that Fuji will finally change the lens of the X100-series. This new insider is saying that the camera will come packed with a 28mm lens, but this is by taking the crop factor into consideration, so the lens will actually have a focal length of about 18.5mm.

As for the maximum aperture, the Fujifilm X200 specs list might include a brighter one. On the other hand, the X100 cameras feature a 23mm f/2 lens.Furthermore, the compact shooter will employ some kind of a digital converter, allowing photographers to set the focal length to equivalents such as 35mm and 50mm.

The compact camera will become official and will be released this year, but during the second half. The X100 and X100T were unveiled at Photokina events, so there is a strong chance that the X200 will be announced at Photokina 2016.

Finally, the source spoke about the display on the back. There is a strong chance that the unit will be a tilting touchscreen. The tilt part is likelier, but the touch one is still unclear at this point. Regardless of its abilities, stay close to Camyx for further information!

Source: FujiRumors.

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