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New Google Image Search design rolling out now


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Google Images will receive a redesign over the next few days, as the search giant is trying to improve the image search user experience using a completely new design.

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Google’s new Image Search interface

Following strong feedback from the users, Google decided to create a new design for Google Image Search. Users and webmasters have often complained about having to browse through too many pictures, so a new interface had to be created that would help both users and webmasters to find images with ease.

New Google Image search interface providing faster image browsing

The conventional design has been replaced by an inline panel that provides significantly faster image search. Users will have the ability to flip though pictures with the keyboard. Going back is as easy as scrolling down the page. Additionally, time wasting has been cut down to almost zero as an iframe will no longer be loaded in the background.

Metadata will be displayed right next to the picture, so users will not be forced to go through a separate page. Photographers will welcome this decision as their image’s information will show up next to the picture, while users will be happy to find out that the image size will be included in metadata information, thus making it easier to find the perfect image for whatever they will be needing it.

Global, but gradual rollout of the new Google Image search

Google announced that the new Image Search interface was pushed to a handful of users, with many more to be supported in the following days. The search giant says this is a more straightforward design that is appreciated by users and webmasters alike.

Even though search features should be targeted towards individuals, Google confirmed that webmasters should not be left out in the cold. Key information will be displayed next to the photos, including clickable domain names and page titles. Until now, there were only two clickable target pages, so the Mountain View-based company decided to take the total target number up to four.

Either way, the new design seems like it is a change for the better and people will get used to it quickly. The web continues to evolve and this is just the next step. We expect Google to tweak the image search design thanks to feedback from more users, so this feature will only get better in time.

Still, people have different preferences, so we are looking forward to hear what do you think about the new Google Image Search tool.

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