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Ricoh introduces five new HD Pentax DA Limited lenses


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Ricoh has announced five new Pentax DA Limited lenses, applying “HD” treatment to existing prime optics for the K-mount APS-C DSLR cameras.

It seems like companies do not want to make announcements on the same day as their competitors. If Sony announced two cameras and three new lenses on August 27, then Ricoh could not have remained too far behind therefore it has just announced five new Pentax DA Limited lenses, right after the HZ15 compact camera.

Ricoh applies HD coating to re-release five new HD Pentax DA Limited lenses

The company’s press release might be a bit misleading due to the fact that these are not entirely brand new products. In fact, they are remakes of older DA Limited primes which have received the so-called HD treatment.

In other words, Ricoh says that the High Definition treatment consists of a high-grade multi-layer coating, which reduces ghosting and flares. As a result, photos will emerge sharper even in strongly-backlit environments.

Moreover, the new lenses come packed with a rounded aperture diaphragm in order to produce magical bokeh. Optical performance will also be ensured by adding a Super Coating (SP) on the lenses, which will definitely please photographers.

Pentax APS-C K-mount cameras to be graced by HD DA 15mm, 21mm, 35mm, 40mm, and 70mm primes

The five new Pentax DA Limited prime lenses are HD DA 15mm f/4 ED AL, HD 21mm f/3.2 AL, HD DA 35mm f/2.8 Macro, HD DA 40mm f/2.8, and HD DA 70mm f/2.4.

It is worth noting that the optics support the Pentax K-mount, but only newer APS-C cameras, such as the K-01, K-5, K-5 II, as well as the new K-50 and K-500.

They will provide a 35mm format equivalent of 22.5mm, 31.5mm,  52.5mm, 60mm, and 105mm, respectively.

New Pentax HD DA Limited lenses coming in September

The HD Pentax DA 15mm f/4 ED AL Limited lens will cost $699.95, when it becomes available in September, along with the rest of the pack. Photographers will be able to choose from black or silver colors.

The HD Pentax DA 21mm f/3.2 AL Limited lens will also be sold for $699.95, while the HD DA 35mm f/2.8 Macro Limited and HD DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited optics will be available for $749.95. The HD DA 40mm f/2.8 Limited is said to cost “merely” $549.95.

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