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New Leica cameras to be launched at Photokina 2014


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Leica will announce new products at Photokina 2014, says the company’s General Manager Jason Heward, amid rumors that a new S-series medium format camera is coming.

One of the digital camera makers which is no longer attracting so much attention is Leica. The German-based company has occasionally launched new products, but these cameras have not been sold in large quantities.

This iconic photography company will not abandon the market. In fact, it has big plans for the Photokina 2014, as revealed by Jason Heward, Leica’s General Manager, in an interview with Amateur Photographer.

The claims are here at a time when inside sources have revealed that several new Leica cameras will be introduced in the near future.

leica-t New Leica cameras to be launched at Photokina 2014 News and Reviews

Leica T is said to be in high-demand. The company’s general manager Jason Heward says that more “exciting news” is coming at the Photokina 2014.

Leica to make a “real statement about the brand” at world’s largest digital imaging event

Jason Heward admits that things have not been going so well for Leica, but claims that the new Leica T system is in high-demand across the world. The company’s General Manager also said that Leica has not shifted its focus from photography.

The fault is in the German manufacturer’s inability to properly communicate the advantages of its rangefinder shooters. As a result, photographers will get the chance to rediscover the truth about Leica’s “brand and the ambitious plans” at the Photokina 2014.

Plenty of new Leica compact cameras coming at Photokina 2014

Although Jason Heward has not revealed the devices coming at world’s largest digital imaging event, the rumor mill has a pretty good picture of what is coming.

The first is a Leica V-Lux Typ 114 compact camera, which has been registered on the website of Taiwan’s NCC website.There are no known specs, but we can assume that this is just a rebranded Panasonic shooter.

Leica D-Lux 7 will serve as a replacement for the D-Lux 6, which was unveiled in 2012. The D-Lux series is refreshed once every couple of years, so we can expect a new version this September.

Another compact camera expected to come at the Photokina 2014 is the Leica X Typ 113, which has been registered on the website of South Korea’s RRA.

New Leica S medium format and M Monochrom cameras are also on their way

In order to truly send a statement that it means business, Leica will launch other products other than compacts. A new monochrome camera is coming in the body of the M Monochrom Typ 230.

This device will come packed with WiFi, allowing users to transfer files to a smartphone instantly.

The other pro-level shooter will consist of a new S-series medium format camera, which will feature a big-megapixel CMOS sensor, most likely made by Sony.

It will be interesting to see whether or not all these products will become official at the Photokina 2014, therefore you should stick with us in order to find out!

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