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New Nikon D5 rumors surfaced online


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A new set of Nikon D5 rumors has showed up online in order to confirm some details that might sound quite exciting to professional photographers.

Nikon will launch a new flagship DSLR camera in the near future. However, the company is trying hard to keep everything in its own backyard for now. Nevertheless, some information will still be leaked.

This time, a trusted source has been able to confirm a few details from previous Nikon D5 rumors. As it turns out, the autofocus system will be brand new and will be better in almost every aspect than its predecessor. Additionally, the shooter is on its way to the market and it will officially unveiled in the near future.

Fresh Nikon D5 rumors leaked on the web

The Japan-based manufacturer will allegedly put a new focus system in the D5. It will have a larger coverage area as well as more focus points than the one found in the D4s. The source says that the new model will employ a total of 153 AF points.

nikon-d5-rumors New Nikon D5 rumors surfaced online Rumors

Nikon will replace the D4s with the D5, which will have more than 150 focus points.

The design of the body will not suffer many changes. In fact, it will resemble its predecessor. While the sensor may or may not have 20 megapixels, its native maximum ISO sensitivity will stand at 102,400.

A 51-point AF system and a native high ISO of 25,600 are available in the D4s. Beside the aforementioned 153 AF points, the Nikon D5 rumors are saying that the DSLR will feature a native maximum ISO of 102,400.

These are two steps above the D4s, whose ISO can be extended up to 409,000. If the D5 can extend its maximum range by two steps, then it might offer a staggering two million ISO.

While this sounds a bit too much, an ISO sensitivity of one million can be achieved. Besides these specs, the DSLR is believed to offer a burst mode of 15fps and 4K video recording at up to 60fps.

Nikon launching D5 in early 2016, while Canon will follow-up with 1D X Mark II

As the Olympics and UEFA Euro Championship are coming in 2016, the major players on the digital imaging market will not want to miss these chances to show off some of their latest technologies.

Canon will reveal the 1D X Mark II, while Nikon will introduce the D5. We are expecting a fierce battle between the two. While we may not have a clear winner, consumers will be the ones that will gain the most out of this situation.

The announcement event of the D5 will take place in early 2016. The same thing can be said about the 1D X Mark II. We will reveal more details about both as soon as we get them, so keep an eye on Camyx for the time being!

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