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New Nikon waterproof camera to be unveiled in the near future


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Nikon is working on a waterproof camera that will be a part of a brand new series that could consist of both MILCs and fixed-lens shooters.

Although Nikon is one of the most popular digital camera vendors in the world, its revenue and profits are dropping at an alarming rate, making its stock prices to take dramatic plunges.

nikon-coolpix-aw110 New Nikon waterproof camera to be unveiled in the near future Rumors

Nikon Coolpix AW110 is the company’s latest waterproof camera. An underwater shooter is rumored to be launched soon, but the company might opt for an interchangeable lens system, in order to attract more customers.

Nikon’s future plans rumored to include a new waterproof camera

The company has been known for being a true innovator and always releasing exciting products on the market, with the D600 being one of them. What should have been a complete success, turned out to be a big dark spot on its reputation, as the entry-level full frame DSLR has been troubled by dust / oil accumulation issues on the sensor.

A recent rumor claimed that the D610 is on its way to fix the problems, while the D5300 should replace the D5200. However, these are not the only devices to be launched by the Japanese manufacturer in the foreseeable future.

According to the rumor mill, a new Nikon waterproof camera is in the works and, more importantly, it is coming soon.

Nikon waterproof camera could be a 1-system MILC or a fixed-lens model

Sources have not been very explicit about it, but internal evidence is said to point at a brand new series of cameras. Nevertheless, this project might be related to the 1-system mirrorless shooters, meaning that the device could support interchangeable lenses.

Unfortunately, Nikon’s waterproof camera may well be just a low-end compact with a fixed-lens. In that case, the fans should refrain from getting all hyped up as such a shooter could hardly be called “innovative”.

Nikonos underwater camera to be revived?

Speculation also points to the rebirth of the Nikonos underwater cameras. This series has been launched back in 1963 and it consisted of 35mm film shooters aimed at underwater photography.

In the past, a company executive has revealed that he would like to see such devices back to the market. However, nothing has materialized so far.

Launching a camera solely for underwater photography purposes may be too little and it does not sound like Nikon. This is why that idea is rejected by the rumor mill. Either way, details are too scarce to draw a conclusion, yet, so take this with a pinch of salt.

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