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New Olympus E-M5II leak includes a strange message


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A new Olympus E-M5II leak has showed up on the web, consisting of a photo of the mirrorless camera and a mysterious message saying that the company “has betrayed us”.

The rumor mill cannot stop revealing more photos and details about the next-generation OM-D-series camera, the Olympus E-M5II.

Another photo of the mirrorless camera with a Micro Four Thirds image sensor has been leaked on the web, which shows the device with the already-leaked ECG-2 grip.

This is nothing weird, but the leakster has decided to include an intriguing message on top of the shooter. The message reads “Olympus has betrayed us” and it does not give any hints as to what the betrayal might be or why the message is there.

olympus-e-m5ii-with-ecg-2-grip New Olympus E-M5II leak includes a strange message Rumors

The latest leak involving the Olympus E-M5II camera includes a message saying that “Olympus has betrayed us”.

New Olympus E-M5II leak reveals the ECG-2 grip mounted on the camera

A few days ago, an unnamed source has revealed the first real-life photos of the upcoming Olympus 14-150mm f/4-5.6 II lens.

The shots also included the ECG-2 camera grip mounted on the E-M10. The leakster said that the ECG-2 grip is too big for the E-M10, therefore it must have been designed for the E-M5II.

The latest Olympus E-M5II leak shows a press photo of the Micro Four Thirds camera with the ECG-2 grip mounted on it, revealing that the two are a perfect match.

Leakster claims that “Olympus has betrayed us” for some reason

As stated above, this new Olympus E-M5II leak comes with a strange message, which says that “Olympus has betrayed us”.

It is unclear what the leakster is going for with this message or who are the people betrayed by the Japanese maker. There may be some unknown things about the next-gen mid-range OM-D-series camera that will become official during its launch.

Nevertheless, this could be just a joke or something that we can completely disregard. We will probably find out during E-M5II’s launch, so stay tuned.

Multiple Olympus E-M5II photos have already been leaked on the web

The Japan-based manufacturer has begun teasing the OM-D E-M5II, saying that it will become an award-winning camera. Moreover, the teaser says that it will be announced in February 2015, so we can assume that it is coming before the start of the CP+ 2015 event.

A bunch of photos of the shooter have been leaked along with its accessories. As a result, we know that it will come with an improved design, an articulated display, and more function buttons.

Olympus will release several accessories for the E-M5II, such as the ECG-2 camera grip, a battery grip, a vertical grip, an external flash, and a waterproof casing.

Source: MirrorlessRumors.

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