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New Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera hitting markets next year


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A new Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera is rumored to be unveiled by the Japanese company in Spring 2014 along with a lens kit.

Although the Olympus E-M1 has been announced in recent times, the Japan-based manufacturer is allegedly working on a new Micro Four Thirds camera. This needs to be done as the competition is fiercer on the photography market these days, as the camera sales have dropped dramatically, putting even giants such as Nikon and Canon at risk.

olympus-camera New Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera hitting markets next year Rumors

An Olympus camera is rumored to enter the OM-D series alongside a lens kit in Spring 2014.

New Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera and lens kit are in the works

Two different sources are reporting that a new Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera will be launched alongside a new lens kit. For the time being, the specifications of the two products are unknown, therefore it is too early to say whether it is a high-end shooter or something along the middle of the pack and what kind of optic users will have at their disposal.

Nevertheless, one of the people who has leaked this information says that it is definitely not a new PEN-series device. This would make it an OM-D shooter and since most higher-end areas are covered, Olympus might be looking to release a competitor for the smallest MFT ever called Panasonic GM1.

The important thing to note is that this is based on rumor and speculation, which means that MFT fans will have to take it with a grain of salt and wait for more details, if they want to buy a new camera soon.

The upcoming Olympus MFT system will be announced in Spring 2014

Olympus is said to reveal and most likely release this new Micro Four Thirds system in the Spring of 2014. It will be a kit, but the price remains unknown, just like most other features.

The good part is that the information comes from sources who have been right in the past, so we can expect something early next year, except that we do not really know what it is for the moment.

Panasonic is said to have a busy 2014 as well, as the GH4 MFT camera, which will be capable of recording videos at 4K resolution, will be introduced in the following year. It will not replace the GH3, but it is instead a complementary device.

Next year will be a very busy one, therefore you should stay tuned to our website to catch all the important details!

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