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New Panasonic camera with 4K video confirmed for 2014


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A new Panasonic camera with 4K video recording will be released in 2014, said Ichiro Kitao, the company’s Director of DSC Business Unit in a recent interview.

As the end of the year is approaching, most Japanese camera manufacturers are giving interviews to tell the world how they have done in 2013 and to talk about their plans for 2014.

After a Canon employee has revealed that an EOS M2 mirrorless camera with a built-in electronic viewfinder might be released on the market next year, another interview has revealed that the rumors about a new Panasonic camera with 4K video support are true and that we will hear more over the following months.

New Panasonic camera that supports 4K video recording to be released next year, says Ichiro Kitao

ichiro-kitao New Panasonic camera with 4K video confirmed for 2014 News and Reviews

Ichiro Kitao, Panasonic’s Director of DSC Business Unit, says that the company will launch a 4K video camera in 2014.

Japanese website DC Watch has interviewed Ichiro Kitao, Panasonic’s Director of DSC Business Unit. When asked whether we should expect even more video features in the company’s Micro Four Thirds lineup, such as 4K video recording, Kitao has said that we will see that and even more next year.

He has praised the video capabilities of the Lumix GH3, then he has confirmed that the 4K MFT shooter is real. However, Kitao has failed to reveal whether it will be a part of a brand new series or will simply join the “GH” models.

Its name has been believed to be Panasonic GH4. Despite that, the rumor mill does not think that it is replacing the GH3. Either way, inside sources have started calling it “Panasonic GH 4K” recently, so the company is probably still thinking about how to call this device.

“GM” series is important, but another camera is unlikely to come in 2014

Ichiro Kitao has also spoken about the future of the newly-introduced “GM” series. The GM1 is the first in this lineup and it is actually the smallest Micro Four Thirds camera ever released on the market.

Panasonic is aware that a lot of users are interested in purchasing a dedicated camera with pro-level features, but small enough to fit in their pockets. The upcoming Leica 15mm f/1.7 will be compatible with the MFT format and will provide a 35mm equivalent of 30mm.

Unfortunately, it does not seem very likely that another GM camera will become available in 2014. Still, a telephoto zoom lens is being planned for next year, but, for the time being, the GM1 is available for $748 with a 12-32mm lens kit at Amazon.

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