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More hints that new Panasonic MFT cameras are coming soon


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A couple of new Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras, a mirrorless and a compact, will be announced sometime in late August or at the beginning of September, sources have revealed.

Panasonic has been frequently mentioned by the rumor mill during the past few months. The company was supposed to unveil the Lumix LX8 compact camera in mid-July, but the device was eventually delayed.

The Japan-based company is also rumored to be developing a new mirrorless camera, which will feature a Micro Four Thirds sensor. We can be fairly certain that Panasonic will launch at least two devices soon, as top-level sources have just confirmed the previous rumors.

panasonic-gx7 More hints that new Panasonic MFT cameras are coming soon Rumors

Micro Four Thirds-powered mirrorless and compact cameras are rumored to be launched soon. Panasonic GX7 is among the list of candidates “waiting” to be replaced in Q3 2014.

New Panasonic MFT cameras rumored to be unveiled within the next few weeks

First of all, we will focus on the new mirrorless camera. It will bear a Micro Four Thirds sensor, as usual, and will become official towards the end of August. However, its announcement date could be pushed to early September.

The specs of the device have not been revealed, yet, but the source has hinted that such details could be leaked in the near future.

For the time being, there is no information regarding the destination of this shooter. The “GF” and “G” series have both been rumored to be on hold, so this leaves us with the “GX”, “GM”, and “GH” line-ups.

Gossip talks have hinted that it is unlikely for the GH4 4K video recording camera to get another sibling or to be replaced, so two possibilities remain: the GM1 or the GX7 will be succeeded by a new model.

Both cameras are still in stock at Amazon. The retailer is selling the GM1 for a price around $570, while the GX7 can be purchased for around $850.

Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds compact camera could be the Lumix LX8

The second unit is a Panasonic compact camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor. It has been mentioned before, although no specs or a retail name have been supplied.

The latest confirmation comes from reliable sources, who have been accurate in the past. However, the sources have not specifically mentioned the Lumix LX8. Since it is unlikely that the LX7 replacement has been cancelled, the Panasonic LX8 may come packed with an MFT sensor.

Previously, the rumor mill has claimed that this compact camera will sport a 1-inch-type sensor, an upgrade from the 1/1.7-inch-type sensor found in its predecessor.

Other specs rumored to make their way into the LX8 include 4K video recording, 3-stop ND filter, built-in electronic viewfinder, and a 35mm equivalent lens of 24-90mm.

Please be aware that the Micro Four Thirds compact camera and the LX8 may be two different models. Everything is based on details coming from the rumor mill, so take the info with a pinch of salt!

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