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New Pentax full frame cameras rumored to be in the works


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Two new Pentax full frame cameras are rumored to be under development, one coming at Photokina 2014, while the other one could be unveiled a lot sooner.

Photographers who have stuck with Pentax for a long time may be in a treat in the near future. Their patience may be rewarded with the launch of a new full frame camera based on a retro design.

The new Pentax shooter will get its design traits from the legendary LX, a camera which has been available on the market for about two decades. Its build quality is among the highest ever seen in a photographic device, but the competition will be fierce in this department.

According to inside sources, the new Pentax LX will be the rival of the rumored and teased Nikon DF full frame retro-styled camera.

pentax-lx1 New Pentax full frame cameras rumored to be in the works Rumors

Pentax LX is a legendary camera which may lend its traits to a new full frame camera that should be announced in the near future.

New Pentax LX full frame camera rumored to be in the works

They will share similar designs with built-in viewfinders and the ability to change lenses. If the Nikon shooter supports F-mount lenses, the Pentax model will be compatible to a new lens mount. It is called “A”, which stands for “Ace”.

The rumor mill says that there will be two adapters available for users, allowing the users to mount different types of Pentax lenses.

These adapters will support manual focus models with metering and aufotocus units, respectively. This could be great news for Pentax and Ricoh camera owners, as the manual focus optics will be short-flange models, that will not be available for Nikon users.

Another Pentax full frame digital camera coming at Photokina 2014

A Pentax Russia representative has been interviewed by a popular Russian website. In the interview, it is revealed that a Pentax full frame camera is in the works.

The release date has not been set, but it should not be delayed after Photokina 2014. The rep said that the entire Russian division is expecting the FF shooter to be unveiled at the aforementioned event.

Ricoh has been planning to launch a new 645D, but the harsh industry climate has forced the team to delay it indefinitely.

Lots of new lenses, including f/2.8 zooms, are under development

Beside rumors, there are some official details, too. They say that the SMC DA Limited lenses have been discontinued, while the new HD DA Limited zoom optics are currently under development.

Furthermore, DFA zoom lenses with constant f/2.8 aperture will be released for photographers in the following months.

It appears that the company has admitted that the Pentax K-01 has been a disappointment due to its unimpressive design, but sales have gone really well in Russia after a significant price decrease.

Could the Pentax full frame cameras rumors deliver on their promises?

Pentax fans are advised to remain calm over this situation. These rumors must be taken with a grain of salt, as one camera is said to be introduced very soon, while another one is coming later in 2014.

The prospect of a long list of new features is exciting nonetheless, so you might want to keep your K-mount cameras really close.

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