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Ricoh Theta m15 announced in new colors with video support


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Ricoh has officially introduced the second-generation Theta camera, which is capable of capturing 360-degree photos. The new Theta m15 comes with new features, such as the ability to capture 360-degree videos.

The beginning of the fall 2013 brought panorama fans the perfect tool for capturing 360-degree spherical photos. It was called Ricoh Theta and it was able to capture panoramic photos with ease.

One year later, Ricoh has decided to replace the original version with a new model. It is called Theta m15 and its main new capability consists of 360-degree video recording.

theta-m15 Ricoh Theta m15 announced in new colors with video support News and Reviews

Ricoh has announced the Theta m15 camera with new colors options, faster WiFi, and the ability to record videos.

Game-changing Ricoh Theta m15 camera unveiled with video recording features

Ricoh Theta m15 is not just the perfect selfie machine. Now, it can also shoot spherical videos, so that users can capture everything that is around them whenever they are visiting their favorite places.

Action videographers will enjoy this as well because their adventures will look pretty amazing and will impress all their friends on social networking websites, thanks to its two lenses placed on each of its two sides.

The length of the videos is limited to three minutes, but the results will not include any stitching lines. The two cameras on each side of the Theta m15 will seamlessly merge their line of sight, so the footage will appear like it has been captured with a single camera and lens combination.

The manufacturer says that this is a “game-changing” camera and that your friends or family will feel like they are standing there beside you.

Ricoh adds new colors options and better WiFi to the Theta m15

There are not many changes available in the new Ricoh Theta m15 when compared to its predecessor. Its WiFi technology has been improved significantly, allowing users to transfer files two times faster than before.

Although the design of the second-generation camera is also similar to the design of the original version, the m15 will be released in more color options, including blue, yellow, and pink, over the regular white flavor.

In order to make this camera more attractive to the users, Ricoh will allow developers to create apps for the Theta m15. The company will release an API and a SDK on November 14, so users will be able to do cool things with the device.

The camera will also be released on November 14 for a price of £269.99 in the UK. For the time being, availability details in other markets are unknown, so stay tuned to find them out!

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