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New Samsung NX1 rumors point at an amazing mirrorless camera


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A more detailed specs list of the upcoming Samsung NX1 flagship mirrorless camera has been leaked on the web, confirming that this device will be one of the best cameras of its kind on the market.

There is no doubt that Samsung is getting ready to announce an impressive mirrorless camera to take over the flagship NX-mount crown from the NX30. The shooter is supposed to be called NX1 and to be announced on September 15 at Photokina 2014.

Although a preliminary specifications list has already showed up on the web, a more detailed sheet has just been leaked and it could make a lot of people very excited about this camera.

It appears that the camera will indeed feature a 28-megapixel sensor, 4K video recording, and weathersealing among others.

samsung-nx1-rumors New Samsung NX1 rumors point at an amazing mirrorless camera Rumors

Samsung has already teased the launch of the NX1. The mirrorless camera is coming on September 15 with a slew of impressive features.

Samsung to put a 28-megapixel ISOCELL image sensor in its next flagship NX-mount camera

The updated Samsung NX1 specs list is confirmed to include a 28-megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor based on ISOCELL technology. The sensor is said to offer a very high image quality and to work in partnership with a new DRIMe image processor.

The ISOCELL system has been implemented in smartphones and it consists of barriers between pixels in order to reduce the “cross-communication” between them.

As pixels no longer talk to one another that much, image sharpness and color accuracy will be greatly improved, resulting in better-looking photos.

The hybrid autofocus system will include a second-generation Phase Detection AF technology with 154 cross-type points. The total amount of AF points could go well-over 200, as this mirrorless camera could become the fastest of its kind in terms of AF speed.

All Samsung NX1 rumors are pointing towards a professional-grade camera

Samsung will not use a retro design in the flagship NX mount camera. The device will look like a DSLR and will employ a magnesium alloy body. Moreover, the NX1 will benefit from an extensive marketing campaign, which will profile the device as a professional shooter.

In order to prove that this is a pro-grade device, the NX1 will be weathersealed, meaning that it will be resistant to dust and water drops. Despite all that, a 3-inch tilting AMOLED touchscreen will be found on the camera’s back.

Professionals will also be able to purchase a vertical grip. The details about this accessory are unknown, but it should include another battery and provide the ability to shoot in portrait mode with ease.

After taking the shots, users can transfer the files to a smartphone or tablet via WiFi or NFC.

The best EVF ever put in a mirrorless camera to be found in the NX1

The latest Samsung NX1 rumors also include the ISO sensitivity range, which stands between 100 and 51,200. The mirrorless camera will capture up to 15fps in continuous shooting mode with AF Tracking enabled.

Additionally, the gossip talks are still saying that this shooter will employ the best electronic viewfinder found in an APS-C camera.

The NX1 might become very attractive for videographers because it will be able to capture 4K videos at up to 30fps. Full HD video recording is supported, too, at a frame rate of 60fps.

The announcement date is set for September 15, while the MILC will begin shipping sometime by the end of October. Stay tuned to Camyx for the official announcement!

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