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New Samyang lens to become official on March 21


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Samyang has announced on its official Facebook page that a new lens will be announced on March 21 and has posted a teaser photo, partially revealing the product.

One of the most popular third-party lens manufacturers in the world, Samyang, is making use of its official Facebook page. The South Korean company’s primary social networking account is usually the place where its future plans are announced and this time makes no exception.

New Samyang lens teased, coming on March 21

new-samyang-lens New Samyang lens to become official on March 21 News and Reviews

Teaser for the new Samyang lens posted on Facebook. The optic will become official on March 21.

The Korean firm has made another announcement, hinting that a new Samyang lens will be unveiled on March 21. The statement is joined by a teaser photo, which is intended to hint at a novel lens, albeit of unknown focal length, aperture, or mount.

Although the teaser only refers to “new stuff”, it is obvious that the company will launch a new optic by the end of this week and, hopefully, it will consist of a cheap competitor for an existing as well as pricey lens.

What the photographers want from Samyang

The company’s fans have already started making predictions and each has his own demand. The most popular request consists of a 50mm f/1.2 lens. Unfortunately, Samyang has previously denied making such an optic and said that there are no chances of releasing one.

Another popular demand consists of a 50mm cine lens. This is very likely to occur, but photographers should not bet all their money on it, as there is no evidence to back up this claim.

Last but not least popular choice is a fisheye lens for cameras with full frame sensors. Nevertheless, the official announcement is only a few days away therefore potential buyers should remain patient.

Whatever is coming on March 21, most photographers agree that Samyang should start manufacturing autofocus lenses. However, there is a little chance for the company to stir away from its manual lens system.

What Samyang will probably announce soon

The UK division of the company has recently made a bold claim. On its official website, it is stated that a 10mm f/2.8 lens for APS-C cameras will be unveiled by the end of March, but closer to the month’s middle.

This is probably the new Samyang lens to be introduced this Friday and it will probably be a fisheye model for full frame cameras, meaning that the South Korean manufacturer is actually listening to its customers.

Either way, an official and final announcement still needs to take place, so we will see you soon!

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