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New Samyang wide-angle lens poised to be announced soon


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Samyang is once again teasing the launch of a new product, inviting people to “prepare for more”, whereas the rumor mill is claiming that the company will announce a wide-angle lens shortly.

One company which is always teasing its products is Samyang. The South Korean manufacturer is using its Facebook page properly by keeping its fans on their toes and luring them into speculating about future lenses.

The latest optic unveiled by the manufacturer consists of the 50mm T1.5 AS UMC, which has been added to its V-DSLR series towards the end of August.

As Photokina 2014 is approaching quickly, it is natural for Samyang to have more new lenses at its booth. The company has already begun teasing the introduction of another lens by asking its fans to “prepare for more”. According to trusted sources, the product in question is a wide-angle lens.

prepare-for-more New Samyang wide-angle lens poised to be announced soon Rumors

Samyang is inviting its fans to “prepare for more”. The company is rumored to introduce a new wide-angle lens soon.

Samyang begins teasing the launch of a new lens on its social media channels

Photographers are still looking forward to the day when Samyang will introduce a new series of optics with autofocus support. However, the South Korea-based maker has other plans for the time being.

A new Samyang wide-angle lens is not among the list of sought-after optics, considering the fact that the company has already released some of these products earlier in 2014.

Nevertheless, people familiar with the matter are claiming that this is what we should expect. Furthermore, the new optic will not support autofocus, so it will be another manual focus-only lens.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the lens will not be added to the manufacturer’s V-DSLR line-up, which means that it will be built especially for photography purposes instead of cinematography, as the latest Samyang optics.

New Samyang wide-angle lens the most likely product to be revealed in the near future

Speculation is rife surrounding the new Samyang wide-angle lens. Although an exact focal length has not been provided, it seems like the product will fall somewhere in the 10mm to 15mm range. It is very unlikely that this is a zoom optic, therefore do not expect anything else other than a prime lens.

The maximum aperture is said to stay somewhere between f/2 and f/2.8, which means that it will be a fairly bright product.

If the rumors turn out to be false, then the other strong possibility consists of a telephoto lens of around 135mm with macro capabilities. Either way, the announcement will take place soon, so stay tuned!

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