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New Shutterbug Remote device seeking funds on CrowdIt


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Shutterbug has unveiled a new crowd-funding project, which consists of the start-up company’s next-generation remote controller for digital cameras.

A small start-up company has attracted a lot of attention from the media and the world of photography thanks to the so-called Shutterbug Remote. This device requires a free application, which can be installed on iOS device compatible with the Bluetooth Low Energy standard.

new-shutterbug-remote New Shutterbug Remote device seeking funds on CrowdIt News and Reviews

Shutterbug Remote can be easily attached to your camera or tripod. The new version needs $30,000 to become available, but this time it may come packed with an Android application.

Next-generation Shutterbug Remote coming soon, provided it secures funds on CrowdIt

The company is back with a new version of the Shutterbug Remote. There are minor differences between the two, but the latest one is newer and not available yet. For the time being, Shutterbug has created a project on a crowd-funding platform, called CrowdIt.

Shutterbug’s new Remote still offers the best value for the dollar

The new Shutterbug Remote will also control your camera regardless of phone / tablet connection. This means that you can set it to do capture time-lapse photography or other photos and it will continue to dictate the camera to capture images, without still being connected to a Bluetooth LE-capable device.

This wireless technology has a major advantage over other remote transmitters. It will work through trees, walls, and other objects between the camera and the smartphone up to a range of 300 feet.

Shutterbug Remote is very lightweight as it measures only 0.77 ounces, as well as very small thanks to its 1.4 x 2.75 x 0.7-inches measurements.

It can be easily connected to any camera which has a shutter release port. Since most DSLR cameras have one, then the Remote will be compatible with pretty much everything.

Additionally, it provides multiple controls, such as Bulb, Focus, and Shutter. Other modes include Long Exposure, Delay, Mirror Lockup, Interval, and Ramp.

Another important feature is the ability to monitor its status through the mobile application. Just reconnect it to your smartphone or tablet and see how many photos the camera has to take before it completes the desired time-lapse length.

About 47 days left for Shutterbug to meet its $30,000 goal

The new Shutterbug Remote needs $30,000 to become successful. For the time being, it does not seem to gather so much traction, but the project has recently went live, as there are about 47 days remaining to meet its goal.

Pledging $69 will give you a Shutterbug Remote, which represents a $10 discount compared to the final retail price. Further price points are available and they include various gifts. The current Shutterbug Remote is available for purchase at Amazon for a price of $79.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the company is promising an Android application soon, as Bluetooth LE is rumored to be supported by Google’s next-generation Android Key Lime Pie OS, which will be introduced in the near future.

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