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New SLR Magic 35mm T0.95 lens to be released in September


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SLR Magic is rumored to release a new 35mm T0.95 lens in September, while a very fast 17mm version is on the verge of becoming available, too.

SLR Magic does not have so many lenses in its portfolio. However, those which have been released are pretty impressive. The company has recently announced a 35mm T0.95 Hyperprime Cine Lens for Panasonic, Olympus, Sony NEX, Fujifilm X-mount, and Blackmagic cameras.

Despite the fact that it is supported by all of the above shooters, the SLR Magic 35mm T0.95 lens is packed with a Leica M-mount. It may sound weird, but the company has a good reason for this.

Leica’s M-mount can be easily adapted to the aforementioned mounts with the help of very cheap lens adapters. Moreover, the company can target more a longer list of potential buyers this way.

slr-magic-t0.95-lens New SLR Magic 35mm T0.95 lens to be released in September Rumors

An updated version of the SLR Magic T0.95 lens will be released in September, sources have revealed.

Updated SLR Magic 35mm T0.95 lens release date is this September

Although it is available for order, reports are saying that a new SLR Magic 35mm T0.95 lens is in the works. The previous version did not meet the company’s quality requirements, therefore some things required a change.

It is said that the updated lens will provide an improved build and image quality. Moreover, all the people who have pre-ordered the optic will receive the new model. Its release date is scheduled for September 2013 and its price tag will remain at $1,349.

The 35mm f/0.95 lens will provide a 35mm equivalent of 70mm for Micro Four Thirds cameras, 52.5mm for Sony E and Fujifilm X mounts, and 80mm for Blackmagic Cinema Camera, respectively.

SLR Magic set to announce ultra-fast 17mm lens soon

SLR Magic has other surprises in tow. According to inside sources, a 17mm prime lens with a very fast aperture is under development. The company is close to finishing the product, therefore its shipment date should not very far away.

The aperture of this cine lens remains unknown to the rumor mill, though it is alleged to be very fast. This is why its price might turn out to be expensive. Thankfully, people who have tested SLR Magic’s Hyperprime optics claim that the company’s products become beasts in combination with Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Until then, Amazon is selling the 35mm f/1.4 lens for $349 and the Noktor 50mm f/0.95 for $1.095.

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