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New Sony A-mount camera to replace A77 and A99 next year


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Sony has revealed that semi-professional A-mount camera will be announced sometime in 2014 and the rumor mill speculates it may replace both the A77 and A99.

During the A7 and A7R launch, Sony has also talked about the future of its A and E-mount cameras. The company has confirmed that the “NEX” brand is dead and that its E-mount shooters will bear the “Alpha” name, just like A-mount devices.

Many people had feared that the A-mount will be killed, too, but the Japanese manufacturer has repeatedly said that it will not abandon this mount.

The same idea has been mentioned at the A7 and A7R announcement event. The current A-mount line-up is centered around the high-end A99, mid-range A77, and entry-level A58. It seems like all these three cameras will be replaced by new shooters sometime next year.

sony-a-mount-future New Sony A-mount camera to replace A77 and A99 next year Rumors

Sony A-mount future revealed during the A7 and A7R launch. It shows a camera that may substitute both the A77 and A79 SLT shooters.

New Sony A-mount camera confirmed to be launched in 2014

The rumor mill has previously leaked information about the A77 and A99 replacements. Information has been scarce, but some details appeared to be identical: big-megapixel sensors, high-resolution OLED viewfinders, and autofocus systems with hundreds of AF points.

This has recently sparked the thought that the two cameras may actually be just one. A leaked photo of the presentation seems to back this fact as a dark figure is placed between the A77 and A99, although two figures would have been more appropriate.

Sony also said that a mid to high-end camera is coming in 2014, when it could have said that mid and high-end models will be launched next year.

Sony A77 and A99 might be replaced by a single camera despite its unlikeliness

It is worth noting that the new Sony A-mount camera is placed under Translucent Mirror Technology category. The rumor mill is still claiming that the A-mount will go mirrorless as well, therefore the SLT system will be no more.

As a result, it is fair to assume that the placement has been done “to look good”, not to suggest anything else. The flagship A99 is a full frame camera, while the A77 is an APS-C one, therefore Sony would have to bridge a huge gap between the two.

Amazon is selling the A77 for $898, a 36% discount from the original price. Meanwhile, the A99 is available for $2,798 and it does not look like a price reduction is coming very soon.

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