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Q1 2014 rumored to come packed with new Sony A-mount cameras


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Several new Sony A-mount cameras with full frame and APS-C image sensors are rumored to be introduced to the market during the first quarter of 2014.

Sony has been planning to overhaul its camera line-up since it has noticed that the current strategy is not effective enough to compete against the giants, Canon and Nikon, especially when these are also struggling with DSLR sales.

This is why CEO Kaz Hirai has ordered to come up with a new master plan, which might be finally starting to pay off. The QX10 and QX100 lens-style cameras have attracted a lot of positive attention, highlighting the company’s ability to innovate, while customers seem to enjoy the new A7 and A7R full frame E-mount shooters thanks to their price and compact form factor.

New Sony A-mount cameras scheduled for Q1 2014 release date

The next step in becoming successful on the digital imaging market once more is the launch of several new Sony A-mount cameras.

According to inside people, the pair of devices will be unveiled officially during the first quarter of 2014. One of them features a full frame sensor, while the other one is powered by an APS-C model, which is exactly what previously-leaked details have said.

A third camera might be announced as well and if it does, then it will most likely feature a 35mm sensor. It appears that the FF models will borrow the sensors from the A7 and A7R, while the APS-C unit will sport a new 24-megapixel unit.

contax-ax Q1 2014 rumored to come packed with new Sony A-mount cameras Rumors

Contax AX is a 35mm film SLR camera which is capable of autofocusing with other lenses thanks to its ability to change the distance between the lens and the film. It appears that at least one of the Sony A-mount cameras, coming in Q1 2014, will posses such technology.

At least one Sony A-mount shooter will feature a moving image sensor

The new Sony A-mount cameras are rumored to come packed with a revolutionary design. At least one of them will have a sensor capable of moving on the Z-shift axis, in order to allow users to attach lenses from other mount types.

It was believed that one of the full frame E-mount shooters will have this capability, but now it seems like this ability is reserved for one or more A-mount cameras. The Contax AX was a 35mm SLR camera which was capable of autofocusing by changing the lens-to-film distance and it will be interesting how the Japanese manufacturer will implement a similar idea into a DSLR.

Two of the devices that are getting replaced are the A77 and A99, whereas new lenses are expected, too. For now, these are all rumors therefore we should not rush into conclusions but take them with a pinch of salt instead.

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