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New Sony A6000 rumor: Sony A7-like design without EVF on top


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A new Sony A6000 rumor is circling around the web, claiming that the camera will actually look like the full frame A7 without the electronic viewfinder on top.

Sony and Panasonic have stolen the show from Fujifilm and Olympus in the rumor mill world. With the Fujifilm X-T1 and Olympus E-M10 official, the Sony A6000 and Panasonic G4K have become the most rumored cameras of the winter.

The latter has been spotted in a photo along with Kurt Russell ahead of its announcement event scheduled for February 7. On the other hand, the former is poised to be unveiled on February 12 as the new flagship APS-C E-mount camera.

New Sony A6000 rumors says camera is designed to look like the Sony A7 / A7R, except for the top EVF

sony-a7-viewfinder New Sony A6000 rumor: Sony A7-like design without EVF on top Rumors

Sony A7 viewfinder is placed on top of the camera. The EVF of the Sony A6000 will be placed on the top left corner on the back, this being one of the few design differences between the two shooters.

As there are so many whispers regarding the shooter, they cannot go unnoticed. As a result, a new Sony A6000 camera rumor is now “available” revealing that the camera will probably look like the A7 and A7R full frame E-mount shooters.

This contradicts the previous claims that the mirrorless camera will actually have a design inspired by the NEX-6.

Either way, the NEX-6 / NEX-7 replacement will be different from the A7 and A7R, as its electronic viewfinder will sit on the back, in the top left corner, whereas the FF E-mount shooters have their EVFs places on the top.

Sony A600 price to be set at €650 in Europe

The Sony A6000 price will stand at €650 for the body-only version in Europe, while the zoom lens kit will cost €800 on the Old Continent.

In the United States, the new MILC will cost about $850-$900 for body-only and $950-$1,050 with the kit lens, respectively.

No new Sony RX camera for the time being, just four compact models

Sources have also had something to say about an alleged new Sony RX camera. Apparently, it is not coming at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014, nor sometime around this event. Instead, it could be revealed during the summer.

The next major product launch event will take place in March 2014 and it is aimed at introducing the Sony A79, an A-mount camera with an APS-C sensor that will succeed the Sony A77.

As for the announcement right before the CP+ 2014, four new compact cameras will be announced – a couple of units for each of the HX and WX series.

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