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New Sony A6100 specs leaked on the web


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A set of new Sony A6100 specs have appeared online hinting that the upcoming E-mount mirrorless camera will come packed with exciting features for videographers.

The next E-mount mirrorless camera with an APS-C-sized image sensor will be unveiled by the end of August. For the time being, the rumor mill cannot settle its differences when it comes to the name of the Sony camera: it could be called A6100 or A7000. This source, who has also leaked some details and an alleged photo of the device, is calling it A6100 and has returned with new information.

It appears that the A6100 will employ a bunch of video-centric features, including a 4K video recording and a 4K still mode that resembles the one available in Panasonic cameras, called 4K Photo Mode.

sony-a6100-photo-leaked New Sony A6100 specs leaked on the web Rumors

An alleged photo of the Sony A6100, which is said to be announced this August.

New Sony A6100 details revealed ahead of launch

The source reiterates the fact that the E-mount mirrorless camera will feature a brand new 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. Additionally, the sensor will offer an ISO sensitivity range between 100 and 51,200.

This shooter will have a fully-articulated display on the back with a 3-inch diagonal and 1.04-million-dot resolution. The electronic viewfinder will be new and will consist of a 2.8-million-dot OLED screen.

Sony A6100 will be capable of shooting up to 15fps at full resolution and with autofocus turned on in burst mode, the source has revealed.

Beside 4K video recording, the camera will offer a 30fps burst mode at 4K resolution. The feature will resemble Panasonic’s 4K Photo Mode, meaning that it will allow users to capture 30fps of stills at 4K quality, allowing users to play / pause the shots or to simply extract a 4K still from the succession.

It is said that the A6100 will be placed above the A6000 as a tool for both photographers and videographers. The latter will benefit from new features that have never been added to other E-mount mirrorless cameras.

The last new information says that the new shooter will allow users to attach external microphones for superior audio quality when recording videos.

Sony A6100 specs round-up

Recently, the same source has said that the Sony A6100 will have a magnesium allow body that is not weathersealed. It will capture 4K videos for up to 10 minutes and will employ an electronic shutter with a maximum speed of 1/32000s.

There will be no built-in image stabilization technology, but it will have Tri-Navi buttons on the back. The MILC will become official this month and will begin selling soon after that for about $900.

The NEX-7 is available at Amazon for about $570 and the A6000 can be bought from the same store for about $550.

Source: MirrorlessRumors.

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