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New Sony A7R specs leaked along with NEX-FF launch event photo


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New Sony A7R and A7 specs have been leaked on the web, revealing more details about the two full frame E-mount cameras which will be announced on October 16.

Two of the most discussed digital cameras of 2013 are the Sony A7R and A7. The pair consists of two mirrorless cameras with full frame image sensors that will support E-mount lenses.

Inside sources have revealed that they will be introduced to the public on October 16. Now, it seems like Sony is busy making the final preparations for the event and a photo of the company’s lineup has showed up online.

Sony to announce A7R and A7 cameras along with five lenses for a “more powerful, stronger NEX line-up”

In the photo, the centerpieces are the A7R and A7 along with five new lenses. This means that Sony and Zeiss have managed to provide a NEX-FF launch series consisting of two cameras and five lenses, which is not too bad, so to speak.

The image also contains some Chinese writings, talking about the “Full Frame NEX Camera launches”, representing a “more powerful, stronger NEX line-up”.

pentax-lx New Sony A7R specs leaked along with NEX-FF launch event photo Rumors

The upcoming Sony A7R and A7 NEX-FF cameras are rumored to have the build quality of the amazing Pentax LX SLR film camera.

Focus Peaking, Eye-Tracking AF, WiFi, NFC, and more coming this October in the NEX-FF shooters

The leaked photo is accompanied by new Sony A7R and A7 specs. According to the sources, the two cameras will feature Focus Peaking technology with Eye Tracking AF. The AF is said to work really fast, but it appears that it is not the fastest system in the world.

Both devices will feature WiFi and NFC, allowing users to easily and quickly transfer content to smartphones and tablets. The pair will also offer a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second and tilting displays.

Apparently, Sony will ditch the Tri Navi interface, choosing to add two scroll wheels and another one for exposure compensation. Although they are the size of an Olympus OM-D camera and feature an electronic viewfinder in the middle, they actually feel like a Pentax LX-series camera.

Photographers choosing to buy these devices will also be able to get a vertical grip, too, as an accessory.

sony-event New Sony A7R specs leaked along with NEX-FF launch event photo Rumors

Sony event for the NEX-FF cameras will take place on October 16. This low-res photo offers a glimpse of what’s ahead of us.

Sony A7R specs are similar to the A7 ones, expect for the sensor-related stuff

Among the already leaked Sony A7R specs, we can find a 36-megapixel sensor without Phase Detection AF and no optical low-pass filter. The A7 has a 24-megapixel sensor with PDAF and an anti-aliasing filter.

This means that if you shoot moiré-prone photos often, then you should skip past the A7R and go for the lower-resolution A7. The full list of specs, prices, and availability will become official next week so do not hold your breath over the launch, yet.

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