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New Sony A7S price rumor ahead of special May 15 event


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The price of the Sony A7S mirrorless camera is once again part of the rumor mill as Sony Luxembourg has listed the device for a price of €2,295 with a release date of July 28.

There will be a big volume of speculations before a company announces a product. The rumors will not end if a manufacturer decides to keep the product’s price and release date details secret.

This is exactly what is happening with the Sony A7S. It was unveiled at the beginning of April during the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2014 and a lot of gossip talks had been heard before its launch. However, the PlayStation maker has not disclosed its launch date and price tag, so sources have started speculating.

Earlier this week, it has been said that the 4K video recording mirrorless camera will be released in July for a price around $1,800, while Sony has continued to remain quiet on this subject.

This information may not be entirely accurate as Sony Luxembourg has just leaked the availability details of the A7S full frame camera and they are not consistent with what we have heard in the past.

Sony A7S price rumors fueled by Sony Luxembourg’s curious listing

sony-ilce-7s-price New Sony A7S price rumor ahead of special May 15 event Rumors

The Sony A7S aka ILCE-7S is rumored to cost €2,295 in Europe.

Companies may accidentally leak precious information sometimes. Sony Luxembourg has just posted the price and release date of both the A7S and RX100M3, the latter being an unannounced compact camera.

The Sony A7S release date is July 28, 2014, says the company’s Luxembourg-based division. Additionally, the Sony A7S price will stand at €2,295 in Europe.

As the A7R is sold for a price of €1,899, we can see that the A7S will be roughly 20% more expensive than its full frame counterpart.

Amazon is currently selling the A7R for $2,298. Adding 20% to this amount gets you a price of around $2,750, meaning that the 4K camera could be very expensive and this is without the Atomos Shogun external recorder, which is mandatory for videographers who want to capture 4K videos using the A7S.

This price is more than $1,000 bigger than the one of the Panasonic GH4. Although the FE-mount shooter has a bigger sensor, the Micro Four Thirds camera has more megapixels, can record 4K videos without an external recorder, offers faster autofocus, and supports 10-bit 4:2:2 output.

Nevertheless, only consumers will decide which camera is better. Anyway, the price of the A7S is rumored to be announced on May 15 so stay tuned for the official confirmation!

Sony RX100M3 price also leaked by the company’s Luxembourg division

Getting back to Sony Luxembourg, a “Sony RX100M” compact camera is now listed on its website on a link that includes “Sony DSC-RX100 III”. It talks about a camera with a 1-inch-type sensor, WiFi, NFC, tilting LCD screen, and many others.

The photo depicts the Sony RX100M2, but the listing refers to a device that is available for pre-order. As you have probably figured by now, the listing is actually concerning the unannounced Sony RX100M3, which is rumored to have been set for a July 8 release date and a price of €849, which is consistent with what we have heard in the past.

Unfortunately, Sony’s Luxembourg division has removed the prices from its page and we will have to wait until May 15 to find out the entire details.

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