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New Sony DSLR-like camera to feature moving image sensor


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Sony is once again rumored to announce a DSLR-like camera which will feature a moving image sensor that will support Canon, Nikon, and Pentax lenses.

The best way to become successful is to innovate even though introducing a revolutionary product on the market does not guarantee higher profits.

Still, digital camera makers must do something fast, if they want to return to more profitable days. Of all companies currently selling digital imaging products, it seems like Sony is the one which is trying the hardest to attract more customers.

The PlayStation manufacturer has made the most headlines with the DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 rumors. These two devices are lenses with built-in image sensors that use mobile devices as Live View modes. Additionally, they can be attached to smartphones for better framing.

contax-ax New Sony DSLR-like camera to feature moving image sensor Rumors

Contax AX camera features an autofocus technology that moves the film plane back and forward. The rumored Sony E-mount camera is said to feature a similar system, involving a moving image sensor.

New Sony DSLR-like camera to come packed with image sensor moving along Z-axis

Recently, the rumor mill has revealed even more details about the company’s upcoming digital imaging lineup. It appears that a camera that will somehow support lenses from Nikon, Canon, and Pentax is in the works and it is coming soon.

Now, this information has been confirmed by a top source, which claims that the new Sony camera will feature a DSLR-like design and an image sensor which can move along a Z-axis.

Sony’s E-mount mirrorless camera to support Canon, Nikon, and Pentax lenses

The “Z-shift sensor” means that the camera will feature a built-in system that allows the image sensor to move on the Z-axis. Sources say that the sensor will be able to move back and forward on an axis measuring about 18mm.

This technology will allow photographers to attach Canon, Nikon, and even Pentax lenses to their shooters. It appears that the option needs to be turned on and after that it will easily acquire focus depending on the attached optic.

It is worth noting that Sony will still have to provide an E-mount adapter of some kind so that users can link their mirrorless shooter with other types of lenses.

Innovating or borrowing other companies’ ideas?

One could accuse Sony of borrowing ideas from other companies. It is well-known that Artefactgroup has unveiled a Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens at CES 2011, which consisted of a lens with a built–in sensor. However, the WVIL Concept is not here and Sony is preparing to launch its own versions soon.

Moreover, the moving imaging sensor is not entirely a novelty either. The Contax AX camera featured an autofocus technology that could do the same thing. Despite this, it was not one of the most popular devices at the time.

Anyway, Sony’s device, that will look like a DSLR following the same pattern as the new A3000, might not suffer the same fate. It remains to be seen whether the rumors will become true or they are wishful thinking.

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