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New Sony FE-mount lenses poised for Photokina 2014 launch


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Sony is rumored to reveal multiple lenses for A, E, and FE mount cameras at Photokina 2014, while camera announcements will be relatively scarce, according to reliable sources.

There have been numerous talks surrounding Sony’s plans for this year’s Photokina event and for the rest of 2014. The company has already unveiled an E-mount mirrorless camera, but its fans are expecting to see much more.

Although Sony is believed to launch a couple of cameras with curved sensors, some compacts, the A99II, another QX-series lens-style shooter, a full frame mirrorless camera and more, it appears that only a fraction of these devices will actually see the daylight at Photokina 2014.

sony-lenses New Sony FE-mount lenses poised for Photokina 2014 launch Rumors

Sony will allegedly focus on lenses at Photokina 2014. Most of them will be aimed at FE-mount cameras.

Photokina 2014: lots of new Sony FE-mount lenses to be announced

Trusted sources are reporting that plenty of new Sony lenses will be revealed in anticipation of the biggest digital imaging trade fair in the world. However, the PlayStation maker will not announce as many cameras as initially believed.

It is said that the company will put a lot more effort into its lens systems, most likely on the FE-mount. The A7, A7R, and A7S full frame cameras are very promising. Unfortunately for Sony, sales have been affected by the lack of lenses.

We have received many complaints from A7-series owners who are disappointed that Sony has been unable to diversify lens availability even though one year has passed since the launch of the A7 and A7R.

The good thing is that Sony will finally deliver plenty of FE-mount lenses at Photokina 2014. Nevertheless, we should not rule out new cameras by the end of 2014, while revolutionary shooters are scheduled to become official at the beginning of 2015.

Which Sony and Zeiss lenses to expect at Photokina 2014

Sony will definitely be joined by its partner, Zeiss, at the event. The 16-35mm f/4 will be unveiled for FE-mount cameras along with a bright prime lens, which could consists of the already-rumored 85mm f/1.8 optic.

Moreover, Zeiss might also introduce a 35mm or 50mm lens with autofocus support and a maximum aperture of f/1.4. On the other hand, four or five Zeiss optics with manual focus are expected to be released for FE-mount cameras at Photokina.

As stated above, new Sony FE-mount lenses are also coming in the next few weeks. The most important model will be a macro lens, which might have a focal length around 90mm.

Another certainty is the 28-135mm f/4 G OSS optic, whose development has been announced earlier this year. All things considered, the FE-mount line-up will be greatly expanded at Photokina 2014, therefore we are inviting you to stay tuned!

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