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New Sony WX400 and HX70 details revealed before announcement


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A couple of compact cameras will be introduced by Sony in the near future and they will replace the HX60 and WX350 models, a trusted source has revealed.

Recently, the rumor mill has begun talking about two new Sony compact cameras, one of them consisting of the HX60 / HX60V replacement. The other one was thought to succeed the HX400 / HX400V bridge camera. New information has been leaked on the web and it seems like the second model is also a compact unit and it is substituting the WX350. This pair of shooters will suffer some changes when it comes to their design and specs list and they are expected to become official within the next few weeks.

Sony HX70 coming soon with built-in viewfinder and more compact design

HX60 and HX60V are a couple of almost identical compacts. The former is the GPS-free edition, while the latter comes with built-in GPS. As stated previously, it is unclear whether or not two models will replace the current generation. However, the HX70 is coming and, when it does, it will employ a more compact design with a built-in viewfinder.

The source says that the camera will feature an integrated electronic viewfinder, which will resemble the one found in the Panasonic TZ61. This camera is also branded as TZ60 or ZS40 in some areas and it has an EVF placed in the top left corner on its back.

It is worth noting that this will be a good improvement over the current generation, which does not have an electronic viewfinder. It is even more important as the HX70 will be a tad smaller than its predecessor.

sony-wx350 New Sony WX400 and HX70 details revealed before announcement Rumors

Sony WX350 is a compact camera which will be replaced by the WX400 with a 30x optical zoom lens.

Sony WX400 could be the second compact camera waiting to be announced

The second compact camera is a replacement for the WX350. Its name is not mentioned, but it could go by the name of Sony WX400. Before the WX350, the company launched the WX300, WX200, and WX150 in this series, so the WX400 name would make sense.

The WX350 was introduced in February 2014 alongside the W800. It features a 20x optical zoom lens, offering a 35mm focal length equivalent of 25-500mm, but its heir will allegedly get an upgrade to a 30x optical zoom lens.

The PlayStation maker has not put a viewfinder in the WX350 and it will not add one into the WX400. Either way, a specific launch date is not given, but both compact cameras should be unveiled within a few weeks.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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