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NEWS: Creative Cloud 2015 Released


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Adobe’s latest release of Creative Cloud 2015 offers improvements across the desktop and mobile apps that photographers use most.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the features most helpful to you.


  • Easy Dehaze – remove atmospheric haze to recover color and contrast, or add haze for artistic effects.Lightroom-Dehaze NEWS: Creative Cloud 2015 Released Photography & Photoshop News
  • Local Whites & Blacks adjustments – the Whites and Blacks sliders are now available on the Local Adjustment Brush, the Radial Filter and the Graduated Filter.

Do MCP’s Presets work in Lightroom CC 2015?

Absolutely! They work in Lightroom 6 as well, which is the standalone version of Lightroom.

Lightroom Mobile

  • Advanced Editing for iPhone & iPad – add vignettes, adjust color with the Color/B&W tool and adjust tone with the tone curve.


  • Make blurs look more realistic with additive noise
  • Heal & patch images faster than ever – up to 120x faster than in CS6.
  • Better panoramas with Content-Aware Fill – check one box to fill in the edges of your stitched panorama.
  • Camera Raw improvements – just like Lightroom, you can now add or remove atmospheric haze and access Blacks & Whites adjustments on the local tools.

Do MCP Actions work in Photoshop?

You bet. We haven’t found any actions that aren’t compatible with the new update. There is a known bug that some people are having issues getting any actions to play.  If you encounter this, please contact Adobe as they are working on the issue – as it only impacts a small % of users.  They work fine on our updated version.  If you encounter any problems with MCP products, aside from this general actions issue, we’ll help you at the support desk.

Photoshop Mix

  • Now available for Android – access this photo editor on both iOS and Android phones now.
  • New editing capabilities – including opacity control and the ability to flip photos.
  • Shake Reduction – Reduce blurring caused by camera motion (iPhone only)Photoshop_Mix_iOS_1.6_Shake_Reduction_Flower NEWS: Creative Cloud 2015 Released Photography & Photoshop News

Do you work on the go often?

If so, check out Creative Sync. Creative Cloud subscribers can now access files, photos, fonts, brushes, settings etc. across devices. Store your assets in the cloud to make it easier to work when and where you want.

If you subscribe to Adobe’s Photography Plan, you have access to these updates now. To install, look in your Creative Cloud Update Manager for apps ending in CC (2015).


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  1. Steve on July 2, 2015 at 11:59 am

    I do have and use the new Photoshop cc 2015. What you have stated in this article is true and the new 2015 version has some very nice updates, however, one real issue with this version everyone needs to be aware of is this… you will LOSE your plug-ins once you have installed this. I am not saying you can not re-install them, I am saying you will have to do just that! I use this professionally everyday and found out the hard way once I downloaded the program. I lost my external editing programs and I lost my printer plug-ins. Not a good thing on Adobe’s part. I had to make calls to see proper way of re-installing these. A day wasted and all is back to normal. Just want people to understand this will happen. Nice upgrade to the shop, just beware… it has it’s being a new program problems. I do not see people mentioning this elsewhere, after speaking to other companies fixing my Mac, I know it is happening to a lot of people. Heads up my creative brothers and sisters…

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