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Next Canon DSLR to feature 70D-like Dual Pixel technology


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Canon’s big megapixel camera may not feature a 75-megapixel sensor after all, as the 75 million count is rumored to be the amount of photodiodes on the image sensor.

Canon is definitely working on a camera with a high count of megapixels. Multiple sources are reporting it and they are all agreeing that a competitor for the Nikon D800 is on its way. However, the rumor mill is still undecided about the image sensor. The latest batch of information is suggesting that the shooter will feature a 75-megapixel sensor, but not everybody agrees.

canon-70d1 Next Canon DSLR to feature 70D-like Dual Pixel technology Rumors

Canon 70D might lend its Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology to the company’s upcoming DSLR with a high number of megapixels.

Next Canon DSLR with high megapixel count to feature EOS 70D-like Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology

Over the weekend, a new set of details has been leaked. It says that we got it all wrong because the “75MP+” tag did not refer to megapixels. Instead, it was describing more than 75 million photodiodes.

The next Canon DSLR camera with a high number of megapixels will feature the same sensor technology as the recently-announced EOS 70D. This one is packing a new autofocus technology called Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

More than 75 million photodiodes, not pixels, source says

The 70D sensor features 20.2 megapixels and each one of them is split into two photodiodes. This allows the camera to focus faster, while covering about 80% of the total frame. Data on each pixel is split into two parts, allowing the photodiodes to calculate how far an object is and in which direction it needs to focus.

This technique is useful when taking videos, meaning that it will work in Live View mode. In theory, since each pixel is split in two, there are about 40 million photodiodes in the EOS 70D.

Taking this into account, the amount of 75 million photodiodes would mean that the next Canon DSLR camera will feature a 35-37MP image sensor, which is still pretty high and would be enough to take on the D800/D800E.

Camera is real and it is packed in a EOS-1-like professional body

Sources are reporting that Canon is indeed testing multiple versions of the sensor. However, its foremost concerns refer to image quality and low light capabilities, as this has always been the company’s “philosophy”.

The shooter might not be announced this year, but it will certainly be released in 2014. It will not act as a replacement for the 5D Mark III. However, it will have a body inspired by the EOS-1 series, suggesting that it will be a device bound for professionals.

It can do 4K video and sports a high-resolution screen on its back

There are only a couple of “confirmed” specs of the new Canon EOS-1 camera. The list includes 4K video recording and a high-resolution bigger-than-3.2-inch LCD screen on the back.

There is a slight possibility that the shooter will be revealed in 2013, but the release date is scheduled for sometime in 2014, as stated above.

Canon 70D is available for pre-order at Amazon and B&H Photo Video for $1,199. On the other hand, the Nikon D800E costs $3,299 at Amazon and $3,296.95 at B&H Photo Video, respectively.

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