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Next Canon EOS M camera coming by the end of this week


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The next Canon EOS M camera is rumored to be announced sometime this week, as the Japanese company has begun sending invites to a special press event.

After depleting most of the Canon EOS M stocks following a major price reduction, the manufacturer will be back to the mirrorless camera market with a new device soon.

next-canon-eos-m Next Canon EOS M camera coming by the end of this week Rumors

Next Canon EOS M is rumored to become official this week. Two new models will be announced to replace the disappointing current generation, sources say.

Canon to announce next-generation EOS M sometime this week

The next Canon EOS M camera does not have a name, but inside sources are reporting that the company has set the announcement date for sometime this week. However, the exact day is not certain, yet, with all details to be revealed by the press out of the blue.

It is very likely that the people who have been invited to the event have had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, preventing them from leaking any information. Either way, the facts will become official soon, though there are some things that we already know, courtesy of the rumor mill.

Next Canon EOS M lineup to consist of two camera models

Canon will not announce just a single camera. There are two new EOS M units waiting to be introduced on the market. The first is the replacement of the current generation and it will come packed with very few updates when compared to the original shooter.

This device will be very cheap, as the company is aiming to provide a low-cost solution for beginner photographers, who are not willing to commit to DSLRs or other expensive cameras.

The second shooter is a high-end model with new features. It will pack a built-in electronic viewfinder, allowing users to properly frame shots, without relying on the Live View mode.

Canon’s premium EOS M will be a lot more expensive and, in order to justify switching to a MILC, the manufacturer will bring another surprise to the table.

EF-M telephoto zoom lens expected to be launched, too

The surprise consists of a telephoto zoom lens. Customers have berated Canon for providing too few lenses for the EF-M mount. An adapter is available to allow EF-S and EF optics to be mounted on the EOS M, but it is not the same thing as having a dedicated product. As a result, Canon will launch a telephoto zoom lens at the same event this week.

Meanwhile, the EOS M with an 18-55mm kit costs $341.49 at Amazon. The 22mm STM lens kit is available for $393.90 at the same store, while the 18-55mm lens and Speedlite 90EX flash bundle is available for $449.99. Stock levels are pretty low and this is another proof that a replacement is very near.

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