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Next Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras and lenses coming in 2013


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Canon is rumored to be working on a pair of mirrorless cameras, that will succeed the largely unsuccessful EOS M shooter.

The mirrorless market has been unkind to Canon. The company’s first and only mirrorless camera, called EOS M, has not been selling well since its introduction in 2012.

There are numerous things and aspects which can be put to blame, but this does not mean that the Japan-based corporation will abandon the whole project.

canon-eos-m-rumors Next Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras and lenses coming in 2013 Rumors

Canon EOS M will get a direct replacement by the end of the year. The company will also launch three new lenses and a higher-end mirrorless camera.

Next Canon EOS M development has already begun

According to sources familiar with the matter, Canon will revamp the entire EOS M series with both new cameras and lenses. The lenses part is said to be the biggest problem the company has had in this segment. The lack to customization is preventing photographers from buying the EOS M, as they have too few lenses available for them.

Anyway, everything is about to change. The relaunch will begin sometime in the following months with a direct replacement for the EOS M. Its specs and features are unknown, but the good things are just starting.

High-end Canon mirrorless camera and three new lenses to be announced in 2013

Beside the second version of the EOS M, Canon is working on a high-end mirrorless camera, that will feature an optical or electronic viewfinder. Moreover, photographers will have access to plenty of accessories, in an attempt to make the system more customizable.

Both cameras will be introduced by the end of 2013, but there are little chances the company will wait until the latter parts of the year. A Q3 release is more likely, though there is little information in that regard.

Additionally, three new lenses will be unveiled this year, too. Their focal lengths are unknown. However, plenty of details will be unearthed as we are getting to closer to their launch.

Canon is planning to chew off Micro Four Thirds and NEX market shares

The company will address another annoying issue currently present in the Canon EOS M: the autofocus system. It is one of the most criticized hiccups of the shooter, but the pair of new devices will come packed with a “class-leading” AF system.

Canon is said to be working hard to become successful in this department. The company wants to overtake the sales of systems such as Olympus’ and Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds, as well as Sony’s NEX range.

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