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Next-gen Canon EOS M mirrorless camera specs and price leaked


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Canon may launch a new EOS M camera soon, as the specifications of the alleged shooter have been leaked on the internet.

The Canon EOS M has not been a successful camera. Or at least, this is what the sale numbers suggest. As a result, a new higher-end mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will be announced by the company soon, says a source familiar with the matter.

new-canon-eos-m-specs-price Next-gen Canon EOS M mirrorless camera specs and price leaked Rumors

Canon is preparing to replace the current EOS M with a new mirrorless camera, which will feature a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor and a new autofocus system.

New Canon EOS M specs

The specifications of the new Canon EOS M camera have been leaked. The list includes a next-generation autofocus system, a new 24-megapixel APS-C image sensor, DIGIC V image processor, and 5 frames per second support in high-speed burst mode.

Moreover, the new camera will be a bit bigger than the current EOS M and it will feature a removable electronic viewfinder with a “very high resolution”.

Last but not least, the spec sheet includes an optional grip attachment to make the new shooter more comfortable to hold, when taking photos for extended periods of time.

Price and availability

The price of the upcoming Canon EOS M is rumored to be $999 in the United States. Other markets were not mentioned by the source. However, the company will most likely release the shooter all across the globe, in order to compete against Nikon, Olympus and other mirrorless camera manufacturers.

Allegedly, the camera will be announced alongside three new lenses compatible with the EF-M mount. This will solve one of the biggest customer complaints and one of the most important reasons why photographers chose to skip past Canon’s camera, said the source.

Another reason why the EOS M was not-so-successful consisted of its autofocus system. The new AF system should solve this issue as well, while Canon will be hoping that this technology combined with multiple lens availability will be enough to convince customers to buy an EOS M camera.

Canon is also rumored to announce an entry-level mirrorless camera at the beginning of 2014. This shooter will be priced under $500 and will be more appealing to beginner photographers.

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