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Amusing portraits of dogs in “Nice Nosing You!” photo series


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Photographer Elke Vogelsang is capturing amusing photos of her three dogs in an attempt to show off their unique personalities.

Children and animals are probably the most expressive subjects that you can add to your photography. Their faces do not lie and will show how they feel at any given moment.

Germany-based Elke Vogelsang is a professional photographer and a proud owner of three dogs. Their names are Loli, Noodles, and Scout. As stated above, they each have a personality of their own and will not hesitate showing it off to the camera.

Photographer Elke Vogelsang imitates nature, but adds her unique touch to her photos

With nature as her favorite artist, Vogelsang says that she is trying to imitate it. However, she is always adding her views in her photographs in order to make them unique and reveal her thoughts to the viewers.

Very often we hear people saying that you can learn a lot about people by taking a look at the photos they are capturing. Well, Elke Vogelsang has a very joyful personality, as the portraits of her pet dogs are highly entertaining.

Loli, Noodles, and Scout are doing the best in their power to help the photographer express herself. However, Vogelsang admits that she is also aiming to portray her dogs in a beautiful manner and “capture the essence of the moment” at the same time.

Although there are some props in the photos, the portraits have been taken with as few distracting items as possible on the set in order to capture the dogs in their natural element.

“Nice Nosing You!” photo series shows off the multiple funny faces of three dogs

We do not really know whether the three dogs have been role models or not. However, the final photos shows them as calm and controlled beings.

One of the photos is showing a dog balancing an egg on its head. No matter how you look at it, this is a self-control act, as balancing an egg on a head is hard even for humans who truly want to do it.

In other photos you can see them yawning or licking their nose. The latter has also inspired a title for a series on Elke Vogelsang’s official website. It is called “Nice Nosing You!” and it is there to help viewers to meet the dogs and their noses.

The photographer is currently living in Hildesheim, Germany and invites us to love what we do because this is the way towards success and “creating really good work”.

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