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Nikon 10-65mm f/1.9 lens patented for compact cameras


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Nikon has patented a 10-65mm lens with a constant maximum aperture of f/1.9, which has been designed for cameras with 1/2.3-inch-type sensors.

The compact camera industry is the one most affected by the economic crisis and by the rise of smartphones. People no longer feel the need of purchasing lower-end point-and-shoot cameras, so the higher-end compacts with larger image sensors, such as the new Canon PowerShot G3 X, are now in the spotlight.

Nikon is expected to introduce at least one premium compact, too, but the company’s patent applications are telling a different story. The Japan-based manufacturer has just patented a 10-65mm f/1.9 lens created for cameras with 1/2.3-inch-type image sensors.

nikon-10-65mm-f1.9-patent Nikon 10-65mm f/1.9 lens patented for compact cameras Rumors

The internal design of the recently-patented Nikon 10-65mm f/1.9 lens, which will offer a 35mm equivalent of 56-366mm.

Nikon patents 10-65mm f/1.9 lens for compact cameras with 1/2.3-inch-type sensors

Although point-and-shoot camera sales are going down, it does not mean that this segment is dead. Companies will still release such products and it seems like Nikon will launch one that employs a 10-65mm f/1.9 zoom lens.

The Nikon 10-65mm f/1.9 lens patent is describing a 6.5x optical zoom lens offering a fast maximum aperture of f/1.9 that is constant throughout the zoom range. This means that the optic will be useful in low-light conditions and it will become one of the camera’s major selling points.

Speaking of the camera, the model will most likely be a compact one and it will employ a 1/2.3-inch-type sensor. The information is coming from the patent application and it means that the lens will offer a 35mm focal length equivalent of about 56-366mm.

The focal range is not one to be ignored and it hints at the fact that the camera will be good for travel photographers taking shots of distant subjects or capturing portraits in front of their favorite landmarks.

Nikon 10-65mm f/1.9 lens patent was recently approved

Nikon filed the patent application on November 25, 2013. The approval was granted on June 4, 2015. As usual, this is not an indication that a product is nearing its launch, but it does show a company’s plans for the future.

A compact camera with a 56-366mm (35mm equivalent) would have enough room on the market, so it remains to be seen whether the Japanese maker will decide to go ahead it with or not.

The Nikon 10-65mm f/1.9 lens patent has been discovered by Egami, a trusted source regarding this topic. Keep an eye on Camyx and we will let you know how this story unfolds.

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